5 Habits To Build Your Self-esteem and Boost Your Life In 2020

We have always heard the saying that confidence is key. And the key to confidence is self-esteem. A good self-esteem can take you places that your strength ordinarily cannot take you. Unmistakably, there are people who suffer from low self-esteem. 

Although this may not be necessarily a disease, it is viewed as such nonetheless, because such people lack the courage to do certain things or express themselves in public.

As we approach a new year, it would be in your best interest to build up your self-esteem for various purposes and for personal growth as well. Here are 5 habits that will help you develop courage and build up your self-esteem.


Risks, challenges and whatever else one may choose to call them, these are proven ways one can build up a low or diminishing self-esteem. Doing things you would not do in your comfort zones is a great way to feel great about yourself. Taking risks is a wonderful way to build your skills and self-esteem. It is totally normal for you to be afraid or nervous when taking risks, yes you might make mistakes and all, but once you complete such challenges, you will feel much better and definitely more confident. 


Doing something for someone and not expecting anything back in return has a role it plays in somebody’s confidence. A simple “thank you” can work wonders for a person’s self-esteem. It does not have to be such a heavy task or complex work. A simple random act like helping someone move their groceries to the car park, or returning a lost wallet can make you feel like a hero.


To build your self-esteem, you must ground yourself to know that everyone is special and different. You must understand that you are unique and tell yourself that every day. Quit comparing yourself to others. Yes they may be more beautiful or successful, but know that you are special in your own right. There are several things you can do that others can’t. There are people who look up to you for inspiration and guidance. Whenever you feel down, remember that you are special, unique and you are the best. And you just will be.


A lot of confidence issues and low self-esteem stems from the flaws we perceive we have as humans. Several issues of low self-esteem would not be possible if people like the way they looked. Maybe you are not satisfied with your height, shape or body structure, but whatever the case may be, the first thing to build your confidence level is to love your body. With that, the next thing to do is to take care of it. If you feel your low self-esteem comes from the fact that you might be overweight, work out and lose weight. Otherwise, take great care of your body. 
  When you take this seriously and see results, you will definitely feel better about yourself even without been complimented.


Nothing helps self-esteem in its growth as goals. Goals, goals and more goals. We all have long term goals that we want to achieve, but while we work on those, you can start small and work your way up the ladder. 
With smaller goals set and achieved, you build up your skills and also increase your confidence levels, ultimately making you feel better about yourself. With the skills developed from achieving the small short term goals, you make the long term goals easier to achieve.

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