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6 Ways To Let His Heart Grows Fond Of You (He Will Miss You Badly If You Do This)

Do you know that you can actually make him yours? If you doubt this, go on with the tips listed below and see where you will arrive at. You can simply make him become whatever you want him to be for you.

1. Have His Time.

If you are always there to hear him out, you are already making appeals to his heart. 

Take interests in him and what he has to say. Any man would have goose-bump knowing that he has someone that is interested in him and has his time. 

With this, he would always want to impress you and try to be perfect in all that he does.

Now, he always want to see you.

2. Provoke His Emotions.

With kind words and se*y moves, you will get this done. Give him a hug, touch him sensually. Be free and wild before him. Always give him intriguing hints, and cause him to anticipate for the details in matters about you.

With this, he will be in awe of you and feel attracted to you.

3. Let Him Feel Loved.

Do the sketch and let him do the real drawing and painting. Let him know a heart is reaching out to him- in your verbal expression (words and acts). Impress him and let him feel important, let him know you care for him.
You have laid the foundation for yourself with this, then it’s now up to him as he decides the type of structure he wants to build on your laid foundation. Let him know the good reason why you are coming for him (most importantly, let him know you can find joy somewhere else), but you just want him because of …………. (Put the good reason).

4. Let Him See You Catching Fun.

Let him stand to his feet waiting for you with those lovely pictures that will melt his heart. Send him pictures where you are enjoying either alone or with your fellow ladies- different styles of pose in a hub, spa or any other cool places you find yourself. He has to know you are not the boring type and that you are much okay even without a life. It means you are not living a pity life rather a life to be envied.

You will know his heart is now stalking on you when he asks where you are and what you are doing at the moment romantically.

5. Be Free As Bird While Around Him.

Don’t be afraid to make mistake, be free and bold in your attempts. Believe me, he will be mesmerized in your acts and would long to be with you always. If you have to talk to him, do so with smiles and confidence.

Every action you stunt in his presence will be replayed in his head again when he’s alone, and would cherish those minutes he spent to you.

6. Be Daring

Let your presence oozes out confidence always even when he’s not around, you might never know who is watching and will give reports to him. All what you will do should be intentional, every man secretly admire a bold lady with big face. With this, your values on your C.V. that is with him is increasing, and he would end up wishing to have you by his side.

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