7 Ways To Make Him Repent And Appreciate You


1. Don’t Be The One To Reach Out To Him.

Be in your lane, and in your shell. Let him know that while the game is still the same, your mode of playing is now changed. With this, you are making a bold statement. Try as much as possible to subdue your urge to contact him by whatever means.

He has hurt you, let him know you are not broken with this act, you are only setting the game straight for the new record. Show maturity that you still get things under control, rather than crying and yelling at him.

2. Bone Him When You Are Together.

Be on your own and be lively at the same time. You have every right to ignore him and let him know what your absence in his life will do- maybe it will cause his heart to grow fonder.

Hardly you will see any men that will not break down with this, he will then be re-living the moments you’ve shared in his head. At the end of it, he will come to know you are right to show him another face.

He will find many reasons to apologise to you.

3. Make the Dialogue/Conversation So Short.

Peradventure there are unavoidable circumstance that warrant you both to exchange words, be conscious not to say epistle to him, be brief in your conversation with him intentionally. What if you are responding with ‘Yes’ ‘No’ ‘Okay’ ‘Alright’ unlike your normal detailed conversation with him.

You are sending a big message to him with this, and he will be compelled to come to you and ask for your forgiveness.

4. Be All Smiles.

Whether he’s around or not, maintain your happy look- who knows maybe he has someone watching you, he would secretly like to know what’s up with you. Enjoy life again and walk confidently, and let his security man go back to him to feed him the news he had not want to hear. 

Let them know you can be independent, and still be whatever you want to be. Dress well and have fun.

5. Cast Away Their Gifts.

If he gets to know this, it will be signaled to him that you are no longer attach to him. With this act, you will be able to go on with your decision as you are becoming free from the hatred and sadness he suggested to you.

Return his gifts to him by whatever means, for him to really know how grave his wrongdoings. Seeing those gifts again will remind him of the happy moments you’ve shared together.

He will come back to say sorry to you if he sees the need to do so.

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