8 Signs He Is Actually Your BEST Friend And He Wants More Than That


Intimacy is required to enjoy and maximise love. Being a friend with your partner makes your dreams realities and gives you the unspeakable joy you wouldn’t miss. Your lover should be your best friend- not just a friend. 

The person you can identify with most, if you make your lover your best friend, then you can do all things and finds it easy to fulfil all marital vows.

Are you your partner’s best friend? How can I become one? I tell you, the best lovers you see out there are best lovers because they are the best friend to one another.  

Read on and know what it means to be your partner’s best friend, and be ready to be one to your partner.

1. You Always Come Out Naked To One Another.

You will always tell one another all things- it does not matter how trivial or important it is, it does not matter how funny (odd) it is to hearing. This can only happen when you are feel secure with one another, you are convinced that s/he will understand what you are communicating.

A bad/good day at office, heavy burdens on your heart, a shame that befell on you- you will find it easy to discuss these things with your partner.

With this, you are friends indeed.

2. You Consider The Opinion of Your Partner.

You will consider the choice/say of your partner, starting from your partner’s pick for you in choice of color, wears, places to visit to other important matters of life.

You allow your partner to have a say on things pertaining to you.

3. You Have Fun.

Whatever that you do, you always have reasons to smile. With him/her, there’s no boredom. It does not matter what you are doing, joy will never cease between you as you are embarking on the project.

You love to spend time with your partner more than anybody, and at times will sometimes suspend some activities just to do it together with him/her.

4. You Are Not Afraid To Be Weak Before Your Partner.

At your weakest, you need a trustworthy hand that is opened to embrace you- this is a friend indeed. You do not have to put on the best cloth just to impress him/her before s/he calls you his or her. You can cry before your partner, because you know s/he will never despise you.

S/he loves you more beyond your looks, figures, wears. S/He is a standby angel for you.

5. You Are Both Crazy With/Toward One Another.

You can say dirty things to one another, not minding how it is to hearing. You don’t care anyway since you are doing this to your best friend. You do crazy things you would never do with someone else (farting in his or her presence without feeling sorry- you smile and enjoy it), you whine and un-whine one another, making jest of yourself.

These and much more you enjoy doing with your partner.

6. Your Partner Becomes Your Family.

You both share brother and sister’s responsibilities with one another. You are happy to identify with him/her, and tell the world you are in a mutual relationship. Though you are not related by blood, but you are now one with the special bond you share.

Beyond this, you are open to each other family.

7. You Know How To Turn Things On & Off For Your Partner.

You can see through the mind of your partner and know when there’s a trouble that makes him/her moody. Knowing this, you know the exact thing to do to turn off the moody mode s/he finds himself or herself.

You know how to bring smiles to each other face when your partner wears a sad and long face.

8. You Are Not Afraid To Walk The Next Hundred Years With Your Partner.

With your partner, you are confident of growing old with him/her, even you dream this. You put on smiling face while thinking how you will both look like as grannies.

You are not afraid to dream this, and you are ready to make it a reality.

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