8 Signs You Are Dying Spiritually (Becoming A Dead Spirit)

1. Your Memories Are Fading

Have you been having feint and fade memories of what you are trying to remember? It is not like this before, but it just occur to you that you can’t really get the whole picture of the moments you want to recall or relive.
This can only be when your soul and spirit is waning and becoming lifeless.

2. You Are Always Lost Emotionally

Do you seem to lose your temper and control unlike before –over what you would never go paranoid at before? Do you feel lonely emotionally? This does not have anything to do with you having a partner in your life or not. If you have no clue about how you strangely feel now, then you are in this category. With this, you will constantly suffer depression, nervousness, and anger.

3. You Feel Incomplete.

Do you feel this is not you? This is not the type of life you want to live? Do you feel something is found wanting that you can’t really place it? Is there times when you become a stranger to yourself? Do you constantly feel that things are against you?
If this is you, then your soul is dying.

4. Sleep Is Taken Away From You

If you are afraid of the night or evening time because you see scary images when you try catching some sleep or when your eyes are closed, your soul is waning if this happens to you. You might be able to catch some sleep at daytime, but you keep night watch involuntary.

5. You save and hide yourself from this space

You hide from reality and would rather take substances (alcohol, hard drugs) to suspend and conserve yourself into another world. When it appears that you need substance and drinks as a support to live, then your soul is already in danger, nursing its wounds.

6. You Now Share A New Belief.

Here, you shy away from what you’ve been working with as beliefs and ideology, thus casting your doubts on them. You search and embrace a new set of beliefs. 
This is another sign that highlight your soul is dying- finding a better path to tread on though.

7. You Are Bored And Tired Of What You Are Doing.

You find yourself not enjoying what has been giving you kicks before, things become boring and you lack excitement in carrying out what you once want to do. You know and feel there’s a greater cause you have to unravel for you to be happy again.

8. You Grow Weary Easily

You are easily drained of your enthusiasm, you can’t sustain proficiency for so long before you become tired. You lose strength at the slightest activities you engage yourself –mental, physical.

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