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Do Not Let Go Of Her If She Does These 5 Things For You

1. She pays attention to you and what matters to you.

She always keep track of details that concerns you- even the minutes regardless of their duration in her memory. She does this because you are evergreen in her mind and life; anything about you gets her full attention and focus. Once in a while, she makes surprises for you that originate from what you’ve told her.
If your health is failing, or your wealth is booming- she cares regardless and would do anything in her capacity to salvage your dicey situations.

2. She is plain in her thoughts and actions with you.

Here, there is sincerity in all she does for you; she tells you her thoughts when you ask for her opinions- strictly or otherwise. She rejoices and frowns at you where need be. She is bold to highlight your mistakes.

You might not know what you are enjoying until she is no longer around.

3. She is there for you at all times.

In all times- in your presence or in your absence, she identifies and represent you well. There will be times she will have to declare war against you, yet she will defend you in your absence. She is ready to fight the world for you.
Even, your friends and enemies know that you’ve got a soldier on your behalf in her.

4. She knows you better than the rest.

As I love putting it- she knows your uprising and downsitting. You can fool others by faking your smile, but not her. She knows your unsaid words, she knows what to do actively and romantically to lift your mood to a livelier one.

5. She is interested in your family.

She asks about your family members- regardless of their health or wealth status. She becomes your back-up if you are having a tough time as regards the situation in your family; looking for a way to help you or your family member where necessary.

She does this because your family has become hers as well, because she loves you- she has loved everything that is traced to you. 

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