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Here Is What A Good Woman Wants From You

What do women really want? A number of people have taken it upon themselves to get into a woman’s head by asking this exact question. The answer, of course, is always different from what we expect it to be. A lot of people assume that a woman can only be interested in your money or what she can get from you. But we must understand that there is a difference between a woman and a good woman.


In all areas, a woman is completely different from a good woman. First things first, a woman is not bothered about the kind of person you are. The only thing on her mind is what she can hope to get from you in terms of money and material things.

A good woman, on the other hand, is more concerned on the kind of person you are and how you can both touch each other’s lives, without the involvement of money. This does not come as a surprise when you meet a woman, and you find out she does not want your money, but something else. This brings us down to the question, What does a good woman want from you?


Every good woman wants your attention. You do not have to spend your entire life savings to keep her happy. Your time is just all she needs. When you find yourself involved with a good woman, you will discover that every moment you spend with her will mean so much. This is because, during the time you spend together, you talk and connect with each other. 

Something that money can definitely not buy. When you find yourself, someone who simply wants your time and attention, then you most likely have a good woman in your hands.


Love they say is the greatest force on earth. And for a good woman, it is more than enough. Showing love to a good woman does not necessarily mean showering her with lots of money or gifts. A simple act of care, an affectionate hug, that looks in your eyes when you look at her, etc are but a few ways of showing love. Sometimes we witness such relationships between people who may seem incompatible, but to themselves, they have all they need and that is love.


Getting a good woman and keeping her is not much work as people may seem it is. Loyalty, as common as it may sound, will keep your woman by your side longer than any amount of money can ever do. When your woman knows she can trust you not to cheat on her with someone else, she is comfortable. You being loyal to your woman even when she is not there is one of the ways you can show her you love and respect her.


When you are in a relationship with a good woman, and you show serious commitment to the relationship, then you have a keeper. Showing commitment could be in the form of moral support, trust, respect for her opinion, ideas and feelings, involvement in issues concerning her life, wellbeing and happiness, etc. with all these coming from you, even if you do not have the money to spend, she will always be by your side to support and encourage you.
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