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Here's The 3 Acts Of A Desperate Woman In Love That Would Haunt Her

Young woman, you have to be careful and smart with your behaviours with him, men can easily spot when a woman is in dire need of them. Be friendly, but don’t be overly with it.

There are some things you should be smart about when making contacts with him, lest you end up sending a wrong message to him, and then use it against you.

It is okay if your feelings for him is in ‘rush hour’, and you always want to let out your feelings to him, you want him to know what and how you feels for him. Good! But be moderate with your expression lest you have yourself to blame.

1. Keeping In Touch More

It is understandable that your heart keeps desiring to reach out to him, so you always start a conversation with him telling him series of things. Have you called to know about his tight schedule that you may invite him to a music concert or any other social function?

More often, you are the one that will call him and tell him you’ve been expecting his call, you make the first contact to him on social media platforms, and you would always stop by at his house or inviting him to yours. You asked more about his welfare than he will do to you.

Though it looks good and okay, but you stand a good chance of driving him away from you, now that he is feeling suffocated with your habits.

2. Obsession Becomes Your Drive

With your obsession, you are already doing the hardwork he is to do. Your willingness to be with him, without him even trying has become so obvious that he will take note, and would feel pursued or feeling heat.

Your zeal to always keep in touch emanates from the fear you have in you in losing him, so you are obsessed in all ways. Little did you know that he will soon ask you for a breathing space.

3. Taking the Lead Away From Him

Give him the chance and opportunity to get to know you more as he uses his energy joyfully, let him employ his initiatives that he may be satisfied in his efforts to know you better. Be happy as he does this to you, and he will be glad he is doing it and would want to do more.

You might be thinking time is wasting as you keep your cool, in giving him the opportunity to move closer to you, rather than you making the efforts.

He will find satisfaction and contentment in what he does. Give him the chance.
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