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How To Be The Best Lover To Your Partner And Become His/Her Dream

You can be what s/he ever dreams of, with you, it is possible s/he does not want anybody again but you only.

1. Confess Your Love.

Transmit your emotions to your mouth frequency with a beautiful tone. Tell them you love them- say it to his/her hearing. It means a lot, don’t be tired or bored of saying ‘I love you’ to your partner whenever this comes to your mind.

This is one of the things that stay with them in your absence- it will speak of you as the love confession keeps reverberating in their ears. Take time out of your busy schedules to make this known to them. It could be via SMS, phone call, physically.

2. Let Them Know You Are Grateful.

Every little acts count, it actually cost them something to do that thing for you (time, thoughts, money, emotions). If you appreciate them for any kind gestures they show to you, they will know they are not planting on infertile ground, but a fertile one.

Besides that they will want to do more next time, it also means you acknowledge their efforts and not taking it for granted.

3. Let Them Breathe.

Be observant, and smart to know when privacy is to be honored. This will make them think highly of you and respect you the more for your maturity.
If they need time to cool their heads off the troubles that have come upon them- give them and don’t complicate matters. Honor their sense of reasoning and how they handle matters.
If they need quiet time at a particular moment in a situation, let them be, don’t force them to speak.

4. Don’t Play Hide & Seek Game with Them.

Always come out straight with them, don’t fake smile or lie to them- you will hurt them if they find out you are not plain with them. Not that you should be too harsh in your words, carefully choose the choice of words to communicate with them when letting out your emotions/perspectives to them.
Regardless of the would-be aftermath of the situation at hand, be bold enough to speak the truth always.

5. Give Them Respect.

Never take them for granted, don’t abuse their relationship with you. Even with your kids, don’t put them in second or third place, they will not speak out, but they are hurt silently, make your lover/partner a priority. Don’t let other priorities you put ahead of him or her bring your partner insecurities.

If this happens, you would not see the ceaseless floe of love that has been before again. Don’t give him or her reason to regret s/he is getting old.

6. Warm Their Body Parts.

Love bond is strengthened when this takes place: hug, brushing their hair with your hand, holding of hands, planting a kiss on their forehead, leaning on their shoulder, sitting on their lap-  these and many more deepens the connection both parties share.
Body touch works magic.

7. Dedicate Time For Them.

Time is precious, sparing time out for them means they are equally precious to you- this they will know. Let them know they worth your time, also it is also a power generation hub to foster your relationship with one another.
Spending quality time with them means a lot, also, it is an avenue to come together as a team and learn of one another troubles and happiness.
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