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How To Spot When He is Really Into You And He Feels Your Feelings or Is He Not?

It happens! That you have a soft spot for a guy, then you doubt his interest in you. You don’t want to make the mistake of giving yourself out in a cheap manner, you want to be sure if he has the same feelings and thoughts you have for him.

It is good you are doing this- being on the lookout for yourself. Men truly can be funny at times with their mixed signals, playing with your emotions as a lady, and thus cause you to regret the thoughts and feelings you have for them. However, you can tell of his intentions for you with the help of the tips that are provided below.

Many times, you are afraid not to love the wrong man. You had love to censor your thoughts and feelings against copyrights- how you wish you can open the cover that leads to his heart, that you may know his feelings for you so that you will not love amiss.

Enough of “what if he’s not on the same page with my thoughts and feelings?!” Read on and know your fate with him while you are still friends before you level up your friendship status with him.

1. He plays his customer-care role well.

He will always leave a mark of impression in whatever he does for you. He will handle the services he is to render to you brilliantly. Do you care for a table in a good restaurant? He will make sure he takes you to the best in town if he can afford it. Do you complain of boredom? He won’t hesitate to propose watching a movie in cinema to you, and many much more he can do, of course he will do it.

2. He is not afraid to show you to the public space.

You have the right to doubt this, but nevertheless, it’s true that little things do matter. Peradventure he gushes for you in the social spaces by posting your group photos with him; changing his relationship status from single.

Another way of telling the world about you is when he interlocks (holds) your hand with his while taking a stroll with him. It is too simple to do right? Maybe yes, but it’s one of the little things that matter

If any of this takes place in a special way you like, then you may not need to write off your chance with him.

3. His friends as pointers.

He must have talked about you with his friends as regards his feelings and thoughts for you. And it could happen that in one of your meetings with him, you see one his friends that come around and say to you “Are you so-so-so?” or better still, you see him holding a silent talk with his friend, maybe as you say your name to his friend that just walked in, he gave an impression that he has heard about you before now.

If this happens, you are guessing right and your thoughts and feelings are not misplaced yet.

4. He checks you out all time.

You can go with the word ‘stalk’ here, maybe you are right if you call him a stalker. He reaches out to you; send you messages on social networks, via phone call. In his usual self, this is not what he will do, but you just find him checking you out almost all time.

If this is the case, then you are still on point with your thoughts and feelings.

5. He says yes when you ask for his interest in what you want.

Deep down in his heart, he would have preferred to do or go for something else when you asked if he want to stick with your pick. But because he loves you dearly, and since you are still on a ‘friend zone’ with him, he nods in approval to your picks and would not whine.

If you take note of this in your interactions with him, then you are right and justified if you think he’s on the same page with you in your thoughts and emotions.
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