If You Are An Empath, Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Negative People

In a world full of so much energy, it can be disappointing that there are still negative people and personalities everywhere. As much as we may try to avoid them, we keep running into them time and again. As much as possible, we must stay away from negative people and negative energy, for our own good, especially if you are an empath. Below are 9 good reasons why you should avoid negative people, as a person and as an empath. 


Even without being told, when you associate with people of questionable character, you become one of them, whether you like it or not. Although you may not be aware, but when you are seen more than once or twice with people who are not considered very good, you will definitely be viewed as such, even though you may be different from them in obvious ways. This is because it is believed that birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, if you are seen with them, you are one of them.


As empaths, you have the ability to sense other people’s emotions, and possibly share in them. This explains why you can end up feeling sad and depressed around people who feel that way. When you come across negative people, or you constantly pair up and ally yourself with them, there is an imbalance between you too, due to the negativity around them and the positivity within you. It just won’t balance. If the relationship continues, one of twon things can happen. It is most likely that you will be greatly influenced into a negative thinking, or you turn them positive. It depends on your willpower.


One of the most obvious and unmistakable trait of a negative person is stagnation. This stems from the fact that they do not see anything positive about taking risks, taking challenges, getting out of one’s comfort zone and growing basically. With this, they choose to remain where they are. Same fate awaits anyone and everyone who associates with them. They will effortlessly make you see the negative aspects of challenges and growth, even if there are none.


Even without trying so hard, negative people are such energy drains. As opposed to positive- minded individuals who make you see the bright side of life, and basically spike up your positivity and energy levels, same cannot be said for negative- minded people. Whenever they step into an atmosphere, their presence speaks for itself by sucking the energy out of people with their actions, ideas and beliefs.


One can never be happy around negative people. Everyone deserves to be happy, and if you choose to remain so, there is no reason to find yourself in the company of negative individuals. Besides sadness, negativity breeds low moods, insecurities and depression. If you wish to be happy always, then stay away from negative people.


Just like when they take away positive energy, happiness and good feelings, there is nothing fun that goes on around negative people. Bottom line is that they love being dramatic. Everything is an issue when they are concerned. Having fun constantly is healthy and greatly needed. However, negative people take all that away, leaving a wave of sadness and depression in their wake.


When you spend good, quality time with negative people, you attract danger to yourself without even knowing it. It is completely normal. When you are surrounded by negative energy, everything that happens to you becomes negative as well. Negative energy brings about negative events. 


Constantly trying to keep up with negative people can be frustrating. Even when you try to avoid them, they just won’t stay away. It is a huge piece of work. Some people can understand that negative people are not safe to be around with, and thus they constantly try to stay away from them. However it can be hard and almost impossible, especially if there are family ties involved. The trouble involved in keeping away negative energy from penetrating your aura can be stressful. 


At some point in our lives, we need someone. It could be to provide a boost, or for some encouragement or advice to keep us going. If we have negative people around us, we will not get such encouragement or advice, and thus, the occasional boost we need will not be there to speed things up. Normal life activities will slow down due to the energy drain and negative influence on you.

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