Inside The Mind And The Images of a Very Sensitive Person


You always put in your best, so as to attract compliments, but it is criticism or corrections instead. Your family and friends would have to console you as they tell you “Is there more to it?” 

You had want to please and put smiles on that person’s face, but now you can help yourself with a feeling of regrets, and low self-esteem that will set in.

You reflect and dwell more on what people say and do to you. You are this because you are so thoughtful; you would always do soul-searching.

Here are what you will always do if you are one.

1. Criticism and Feedbacks Kill You.

How you wish you can do without it! You never want to be criticized, reason why you always work your socks off. Negative feedbacks destabilize you more than your less sensitive peers. You always feel like ‘all eyes are on you’, so you are never free to do things in your creative way. 

You would go over your works again in many times just to please people- to be the perfect person they want to see.

You had wished to take criticism without attaching emotions to it just like other people do, but it keeps eating you up in your own case and you always lose focus. You are willing to do everything to avoid critics and their criticisms.

2. You Love Being Alone.

No one actually knows your ways, and as a matter of fact, none is ready to identify with your ways, so you feel strange and weird. You are very conscious of how you look or how they look at you, you are always anxious of how you walk. You desire to be in your closet than be out there.


3. You Are Against The World.

Not that you want to be against the world, but what can you do since the world does not understand you, and therefore they label you ‘indifferent’ because you take much time to reach your conclusion. Little did they know your level of thoughtfulness. 

Your real-world is in your head and you always take your time to live there (process your thoughts deeply) before you live the physical world.

You tend to be over-reactive according to the world, but it is not so. It’s just that you share deeper and more intense feelings about things and matters. Often, you will be accused of taking things personally or taking things too seriously.

4. No Details Will Be Out of Your Sight.

You are always bothered with minute things that didn’t affect others- needless noise via a sole of shoe, excess of audible voices, smile in excesses, and others. All these make you go angry and really unsettle you.

Beyond all those things mentioned above, you will never lose details of anything no matter how small it is. Observant to the extremes, and can easily spot the difference that is not so obvious. 

You have well conversed in the behaviour of people that surrounds you, you will suspect why they act, think or look that way, and you are always right. You read and interpret their unsaid words and inactions.

5. You End Up Doing Little/Nothing.

You have many things going on in your life, but you are afraid to get them. You are always thinking ‘what if’, and this eventually cause you not to do anything or only a little. You are afraid to explore life as you’d secretly wish.

Another thing that is ever-present with you is ‘postponement‘. You always stay or hold back for more favourable weather to come, at the long run, you will lose interest in that thing you had wanted to do.

People’s Opinions about You:

People say you are too tough and not easily satisfied. People concluded that you want all eyes to be on you in a positive scene and that you are bossy, at the same time, secretive.

They are wrong, they don’t know you- you are not what they think you are. You are interesting and empathetic.  However, it’s unfortunate that they will never understand you. So be yourself, and appreciate yourself when others fail to recognize your specialties.

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