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IS IT LOVE OR NARCISSISTIC ABUSE? What's Your Relationship Status

According to the normal definition from the dictionary, narcissism refers to the excessive love for one’s self alone. This means a narcissist is only interested in themselves and what pleases them. There is barely room for anyone else in a narcissist’s life. Now, does this mean they cannot be involved with someone in a relationship? Absolutely not. Narcissists can get involved in relationships with people, however, their narcissist personality makes the relationship all about them. Narcissist relationships can be toxic, especially when the other party is an empath. 

The problem is not really the effects of dating a narcissist, the problem lies in being able to identify a narcissistic abuse that parades itself as love.

Narcissists are concerned with themselves, even up to the point they become sexually infatuated with themselves. A love relationship with a narcissistic will not only leave you feeling down, neglected and inadequate, it will also leave emotional, psychological and internal damage that can leave deep scars.

Finding out the difference between true love and narcissist abuse takes skills and strong will. This is due to the fact that narcissists are very good manipulators. More often, their victims are not even aware of the fact that they are under the spell of narcissists. This is because of their ability to conceal their narcissist personalities when with you, probably till they have gotten what they want from you. But some might ask, 


It is easy, when they meet you for the first time, they project the image of a perfect person. They take their time to study you, find out the kind of person you are, what you like, and most of all, what you find attractive in the opposite sex. When they are able to gather all this information from you, they effortlessly project themselves as sterling specimens of such qualities you desire. You will find yourself trapped in their web without even knowing it. 


A narcissist traps you into an abusive relationship by preying on your emotions and empathy. Once they have you, they drain you emotionally, physically, psychologically and even financially. A narcissist abuse is unique because, all the while they drain you, they do so without you knowing what is going on. They can even do so, and make you feel guilty in the process. A long list of pain inflicted by a narcissist include
  • Reduced feeling of self-worth
  • Low self esteem
  • Self-doubt
  • Guilt etc
All these may take time to develop, but the important thing is to understand that it is what they do. 


The first thing the narcissist did was to rid you of your self-confidence and worth. In order to recover from the abuse, you must concentrate on rebuilding those feelings. First thing to do is to understand that nobody has the right to make you feel inadequate. Reassure yourself that your are the best and nothing less.

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