Self-confessed plastic surgery addict reveals she has spent £40k on designer vagina and boobs


A mum of two has spent £45,000 on plastic surgery after getting her first boob job at 18.

Tracy Kiss, 32, accepts that she’s “addicted” to cosmetic operations but insists it’s not in an unhealthy way.

Here, the gym instructor opens up why she’ll continue to have surgery and her past procedures.

“Waking up from the general anaesthetic, I pushed through the grogginess. My breasts were swathed in bandages, but I was thrilled to now be a size 30KK. It was my third boob job – and the latest in a long line of treatments ranging from a designer vagina to a bum lift.

“Growing up, I felt self-conscious about my 30A chest. My parents begged me to wait before having surgery, but when I turned 18 in 2005 I booked an appointment with a Harley Street surgeon. It cost £4,000 and I paid half with money I’d saved from my part-time job as an office assistant, and put the rest on a credit card. When I saw my new 30DD boobs I felt so proud of my body.
“My boyfriend at the time was supportive, but we split in 2007 while I was pregnant with our daughter Millie. Five years later, during a second long-term relationship, I had my son Gabriel. But while I adored being a mum, I hated what it had done to my body. So, in June 2013, I got a bank loan for £11,000 to have my DD implants replaced with 30FFs. Shortly after that, my relationship with Gabriel’s dad ended because he didn’t agree with the surgery, but I had no intention of stopping.
“I spread the repayments for the loan over five years, but just 12 months later, I got my teeth straightened using £500 of my savings and £2,500 from my credit card. I was earning good money working as a personal trainer, but paying off my debts meant I didn’t buy new clothes, coloured my hair at home and walked everywhere. The kids never went without, but if necessary, I’d miss meals.
“Then, in 2016, I used my credit card to pay £3,500 to have seven moles removed. I also started having regular stomach-tightening sessions to remove stretch marks. The more surgery I had, the more friends and family attempted to convince me to stop. I just shrugged it off, saying that I was working towards a more confident me.
“Then, at 29, I started to become self-conscious about my vagina – I hated how it looked after giving birth.
“In December 2016 I spent £4,000 on a designer vagina, spreading the cost across two credit cards. Beforehand, I had to have a therapy session to check I was mentally prepared for the hour-long op, and during the gruelling six weeks’ recovery my mum helped looked after the kids.
“For the first week it was very painful, I found it difficult to walk and it stung when I urinated. While I was bedridden, I did online work with my clients creating meal plans and workout schedules.
“A few months later I flew to Spain and spent £4,000 on a nose job, having saved £1,000 from my £35,000 a year salary and taking out a loan for the rest. When I returned, I started getting regular Botox, plus lip, cheek, jaw and under-eye fillers, spending around £1,000 a year out of my salary.
“Meanwhile, I also started a vegan diet and worked out a lot in the gym to sculpt my body. By 2018 I was a size 6-8 and while I loved my flat stomach, but my bum had disappeared. So, that December, I had a £7,000 butt lift.
“My most recent surgery was last September, when I booked a flight to Turkey to have my 30FF implants removed and replaced with KKs, costing £5,000. Beforehand, I had to undergo another therapy session, but they didn’t see any problems so I was given the all-clear.

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