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Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You.

You must know what is happening in your relationship- try to know lest you are caught unprepared. Some things will happen if your partner is losing interest in you, you don’t know yet because you are not quite observant.

1. Playing Blame Game.

It’s rare seeing your partner pointing the blame finger at you, but this is what s/he enjoy doing nowadays. It does not matter whose mistake or fault- all eyes will be on you.

The blame game comes because there is no longer trust. With this, your partner wish you are another person, and guess what? Your partner already has someone in mind comparing you with. 

2. Less Quality Time.

One of the quickest ways to know your partner is drifting away from you is when the quality time you use to be together is reducing. No longer the fun and happy moments.
Give one another many reason to be together (learn what amuses one another, be humorous, bring serenity and calmness around you both).

If you are doing your best, and your partner is bringing up excuse for why they are not spending time with you like before. It is an obvious sign your partner is falling out of love.

3. Your Partner Is No Longer Showing Interest In your Matters.

First, you have to make sure your partner is not burdened with some personal problems that can affect them- this you must be sure of before drawing your conclusion.
If your partner is not burdened by any black emotions and seems forgetful of things about you constantly. They no longer care after your wellbeing like before. They don’t ask what is going on in your life per time.

If this is the case, then we can think and draw some facts that your partner is becoming less interested in that love relationship with you. 

4. Does Your Partner Touch You Less Now?

Think about this, and replay your moments with each other again. It might sound odd, but it remains one of the measuring factors to know your fate or relationship with your partner.

When last has your partner cuddle you or hand-brush your hair like they always do?
Take note, and see the answer you will arrive at.

5. If Your Partner Keeps Locking Up

Is your partner is bottling his/her feeling and will not tell you what it is- even if you ask. It could be that your partner is growing weary in that relationship and wants to opt-out.

You are expected to be best of friends to one another, so if your partner no longer feel safe to tell you matters on his/her mind- then it is a quit notice. Be observant to know this.

6. If Your Partner Changes Many Things About Him/Herself.

Your partner favourites are no longer his/her favourites; they now have new thirst, perspective and new outlook to things that surround them.

All these could be because they are influenced by someone they just meet who is somehow finding his/her way to their heart.

Their behaviour/attitude change reflecting the image of the person they just meet.
Take note of this, and read along the lines. It seems there is already a snake in your garden.
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