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Stylish Ways To Say He Is Missing You Badly (And He Will Do These 6 Listed Things)

He is missing you- maybe he is feeling too shy to tell you this, or he is preserving his ego. It does not matter your kind of relationship with him.

After many days and minutes you last get in touch, he is becoming restless to see you now. He wants to hear from you and would do many things in responding to his feelings about you- consciously or unconsciously.

Read on below and know several ways he is saying “I miss you” without you taking note.

1. He Proposes Video Call.

When a guy asks for this, he is yearning to be with you. He wants to see you face again; see your smiles (grin), he really wants to have intense feelings of you at that particular time- in that moment, how he wish he can fly- just to meet you.

 2. He Wants You Both To Meet ASAP.

He is adamant to see you, to the extent of begging you to spare your time to make it a reality. You will be amazed as you wonder ‘is it beyond him just to see you’. You will find him so intense in his plea to you. He is seriously missing you now, and can’t suffer another long period just to behold your face again.

Make sure he does not have any other ulterior motive (in warming your bed, as the case may be).

3. He Wants To See Your Pictures.

He wants to cherish you again, and want to have another refreshing experience about you with your pictures he is asking for. Peradventure next time he misses you and you seems unreachable, he has your pictures to settle with. It is another way of telling you ‘you are so dear to him’. Let’s agree he is not thinking s*x in his head when requesting for your pictures.

4. He Is Your Big Fan On Internet.

Maybe after many years you’ve parted roads, he then stumble on your posts or things about you. If he still takes interest in you (whether as a friend, brother, sister, lover, colleague, etc.) he will like and run good comments concerning the post.

In that moment, he is thinking old memories-that both leave you good experiences. How he wish he can relive those moments again.

5. He Keeps Reminding People About You.

In any conversation he finds himself, he always find or create something that relates with you. He just can’t help himself talking about you. This is his heart cry: he is trying to bring you close despite the long distance between you both.

It becomes so obvious to people, that when you eventually meet these people and not him, they can’t forget to tell you how he keep chewing your name in his mouth.

6. He Is Not Ready To Break Your Communication Flow With Him.

While engaging him in chat, tell him you will be going off to get some things done- he won’t hesitate to ask you the duration cost of what you are going to do. He might suggest you suspend it. (Don’t be shocked if you find out he has suspended what he ought to do, just because of your chat-flow with him). he doesn’t want to miss it for anything,

How fast is his response when you drop him a message? Do you feel and observe he is happy communicating with you? Bone his messages, and look at his reaction(s) afterwards, what meaning can you read to it?
He is damn itching to hear from you- he is missing you.
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