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The Damaging Mistakes That Keeps Us From Finding True Love

Love is a wonderful thing, and it is everyone's dream to find true love in that one special person. Yes, some people get lucky and find true love, but some others don't. Turns out there are actions we exhibit unknowingly, that can prevent us from finding true love in people. These mistakes vary from people to people, but they can also be quite common. Below are 3 of the most common but dangerous mistakes we make that keeps us from finding true love. 


Unfortunately, most of the victims in this case turn out to be women. However, men can also find places in this category. Yes we know that no one would like to be taken for granted by others, but making yourself unaccessible for that reason can be to your own detriment.
Besides that, you must first understand that humans are naturally flawed, including your own self. When you do this, you would discover that it is highly unlikely, not to mention almost impossible to find someone who is perfect in all areas.
Furthermore, some individuals make the mistake of creating some kind of criteria that they want their future partner to fit into. With such high expectations on your part, you will find that nobody will be willing to be a part of your life. Take a decision today, get off your high horse and find yourself someone you can be happy with. 


Some people may have been denied love for so long that when they do find it, they are willing to do anything to keep it, even if it is not real. A desperate partner can be a nightmare. And it gets worse when they do not even know they are desperate. If you are the type that would do anything for your partner, it could be difficult to find true love because people will always take advantage of the fact that your are desperate for love. This desperate behavior can be seen in forms like:
  • Not being able to say no when necessary 
  • Always willing to do anything to please the partner
  • Always choking the partner with constant calls, texts and demands
  • No personal space
When you pass off the wrong message that you are insecure, desperate or clingy, then it would be difficult to find someone who would be able to put up with that. 


This is one of the greatest mistakes people make that prevent them from getting true love. You are constantly playing around with people's emotions and feelings all in the name of having fun. When you take someone else's feelings for granted, true love can elude you when you need it. Besides true love, it is also the fastest way to loose friends. 
When people notice you are unserious about life issues, they will not take you seriously as well. Some people even make the mistake of getting involved with two or more people at the same time in the name of relationships. With such attitude, you are setting yourself up for loneliness in the near future. 
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