TOP PREDICTION FOR EACH ZODIAC SIGN For The New Moon In Aquarius - January, 2020.


24th of January, at 21: 43 UT, the Moon meets the Sun in Aquarius, and births the New Moon; 
The formation of the New Moon is the beginning of a rare period where there will be no retrograde planets until February 17th, and at the same time, calling an end to the influence of the last Ecliptic Moon. More balance and much easy moments that the just-passed Moon is on the card for us as Mercury will enter Pisces on February 3rd, Venus also, will enter Aries on February 7th.

Expect some difficulties as an accurate square that comes as a result of coming together of the Sun from Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Technology and internet related works need cautions. Be more calm and patient when dealing with emotions as a result of Mars squaring with Neptune.

Venus forms a hexagon with Pluto accurately on February 2nd (active time: January 25th – February 12th) and another one in Saturn which will be accurate on February 3rd (active time: January 26th – February 13th), with the formation of the two hexagons, love, health, arts, teaching and learning, beauty, astronomical works, energy, magic and spiritual abilities are all in their full expressions (high flow). 

Now that Uranus is in direct motion, a better period with more serenity and calmness unlike the just past season is here for you. Less stress too.

New Moon Predictions for ARIES:

Financial burdens will be lifted off you, not that you won’t have financial responsibilities, but you will be able to attend to them. Do not be too obsessive with things lest you suffer breakdown in emotions.

Good life awaits you professionally- work, business and career are surrounded with influential and beneficial energies, academic life too. 

New Moon Predictions for TAURUS:

Suspicious energies surround your finance life- the money spending aspect to be specific. Be frugal with your spending. Good income flow is guaranteed though, but stressful energies surround work, business and career.

You have comforts in your social life; auspicious and beneficial energies surround you socially, when we talk of social life, be smart to employ your social media pages to work for your favour too.

New Moon Predictions for GEMINI:

Difficulties in business relationship with associates, partners, bosses are in the picture, academic and paper related works are surrounded with stressful energies.

You have many advantages in your social life as it promises you a whole lot of good things, love life is intriguing for you with many good moments that will make up your bad days.

New Moon Predictions for CANCER:

Work and studies are surrounded with ‘so-so’ energies, stress and benefits at the same time- in an exception of technological works that come with stress only.

A new beautiful course awaits you in your love life and social life. Good health is guaranteed as well; your health is surrounded with supportive energies.

New Moon Predictions for LEO:

Be calm in your decision making as long as your love part of life is concerned, as you search for a partner- take safety measures and be careful. Basically, so-so energies surround your love life as long-standing quarrels can be settled.

Health enjoys stability in good functioning, work, business and career suffer stress.

New Moon Predictions for VIRGO:

Success and progress await you in your work, not without exercising some efforts though, expect challenges in your love life- but it won’t be beyond your control.

You find a friendly world in your social circle, home and family. Finally, great boost surrounds your health life.

New Moon Predictions for LIBRA:

Don’t overwork yourself unnecessarily, take rest lest you suffer a breakdown in your healthy life, work receives suspicious energies- you will be burdened.
A good inflow of money awaits you in your financial part of life.

New Moon Predictions for SCORPIO:

Spend in order of importance- money needs attention, avoid wasting your financial resources. Go for a new source of income and have more source- you have supportive energies to do this.
Home and family is surrounded with suspicious and stressful energies, it won’t be for forever though, just for few moments. 

New Moon Predictions for SAGITTARIUS:

Love and social life is more blessed with improving and beneficial energies; existing problems and misunderstandings are no more, now you will enjoy it more than ever.
Work is demanding and won’t spare you free time, though it rewards you with larger income. Expect burdens from home and family.

New Moon Predictions for CAPRICORN:

Avoid spending prodigally, your financial life needs extra caution now. You will be checked emotionally, be careful and protect your emotions.

Goals are achieved fortunately in a required set time. Love life becomes interesting, social life too. Your work comes with ease, good news and developments in your home and family.

New Moon Predictions for AQUARIUS:

Regardless of what happens, you will not lose control, though you will be shaken. Supportive energies surround your home and family. Stresses and tensions surround money.
In your place of work, successes are there for your taking, just don’t lose your belief, and everything will be well.

New Moon Predictions for PISCES:

Anticipate discouragements from the least people you expect, and endear yourself to the positive ones, always check the state of your emotions to maintain and sustain your in-built energy.
Work, business and careers are surrounded with stressful energies, put more effort and don’t stop trying, they will turn out to be what you want.

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