What I ordered vs what I got ( the size angle)

Online shopping is always a lottery of luck as we pray the clothes look the same on us as they do on the models online.

It doesn't always go to plan for shoppers, like a £24 jumpsuit that left one woman looking like a 'melted disco ball' or an eye-watering £350 dress that people compared to a 'sack of onions'.

A Pretty Little Thing customer who was also disappointed by an online purchase was left red faced and bare cheeked after picking out a new outfit for a family bowling night.

Natalie Weaver, 26, had ordered a size 12 green polka dot dress from the website but claims it could have 'fit an eight year old' after trying on the dress due to its very inappropriate length.
The project co-ordinator says she was left flashing her underwear due to how short it was and was forced to quickly make a plan B for her family night out.

Natalie, from Wakefield, said: "I ordered the green polka dot dress in a size 12 as I am usually a size 10 to 12 and wanted to be on the safe side as I was wanting to wear it Saturday as I was going bowling with family.

"I ordered it Thursday and requested next day delivery to ensure I had it on time.

"What arrived was apparently a size 12 but fit like a children's age 12.

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