13 Interesting Random facts You might Not Have Known Before

  • Nothing you have earned you can take when you die.
  • 680 Kg marijuana in 15 minutes is the limit.

  • The LORD OF THE RINGS series is the most awarded film series of all time with 475 total awards.
  • By 2020, Islam will be the most followed religion in the world.
  • Nepal is the oldest south Asian country.
  • The presence of mind in the image below:

  • Facebook was initially named as “The Facebook”.
  • If you pick at random 4 people from the United States of any other part of the world then one of them will be Asian. (Mostly from China and India)
  • Ammonia is the gas used in the Refrigerator.
  • East India Company is actually a British Company.
  • Pablo Escobar once set 2 million dollar cash on fire just to make his daughter warm. (If you don’t know then google Pablo Escobar)
  • The person who has done the highest contribution in charity is Warren Buffet.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has the highest number of likes on Facebook among all celebrity pages

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