30+ Images That Are Way Too Real For INTROVERTS - These Images Will Speak Your Mind

Who is an Introvert? - A reclusive individual who would always keep to himself. S-He is reserved and discreet. Qualities of an introvert are shyness, quietness, and loneliness.

They are better alone than in a group of companies, not that they are socially shy, but after many minutes spent in an outing, then they want to be alone and recover the lost energy.

In another hand Who is an Extrovert?

An extrovert is a direct opposite of what an introvert ever is; outspoken and outgoing, that lives in a social world (world of interaction)

S-He feels bored being alone, it is the large group that would make his or her day. There is energy flow in an extrovert when s-he is surrounded by people. Extroverts relate freely to the outside world and its habitat. 

In this post, i intend to share an introvert meme that will speak your mind for you. scroll down to enjoy this post

Better just stay home just in case.

It’s the perfect thing for the introvert, an app that lets you know when not to go out.

This is a personal attack. Why do you need to do what I’m doing?

You have to socialize with those people and like, do things!

This is me now!

But I don’t want to… I can’t even talk now.

Nope, I’d rather not.

The eternal struggle. I need to eat but I hate being outside or with people.

Luckily I have my crippling anxiety to keep me company. You’re always there for me!

Please don’t leave me.

Don’t look at me! I mean, I’m really excited…

You have unlocked the first layer. Please proceed.

Going to get wild tonight. Going to binge 4 episodes instead of 3.

I didn’t lie, however. I was busy. My plans were to do nothing and eat these snacks.

Let’s hope for the best.. nothing.

When I go past 6 people, watch out.

I don’t want to see anyone and I must put at least 5 hours worth of effort into avoiding them.

No. Can we skip? Please?

Now to go home to my bed and snacks. Oh yeah.

Seriously, what’s wrong? Why the call?

Just easier to not say anything, not draw attention…

Thank you extroverts.

Got nothing more to give you, sorry.

Just going to set this over here and ignore it until I feel an overwhelming sense of doom, and there!

Just let’s move on. Nobody cares about the fact or will remember it!

Now to spend the whole rest of the day or night agonizing about it. Great. This is why I don’t make an effort.

But keep trying!

Moral? Never leave the house!

But I’ll only tell you once.

Just got so much on my plate..

We both knew it wasn’t meant to be. We’ll try again.

This is literally the story of my life.

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