5 Child Roles In Dysfunctional Families


Growing up in a dysfunctional family is one of the most painful and dangerous things that can happen to anyone. Not only will your growing up and childhood be affected, your adult life will also be affected by the things you went through or witnessed as a child.


A lot of adults today, grew up in dysfunctional homes, and this shaped their way of lives in ways they don’t even know. 

This is as a result of the roles they unknowingly players when they were growing up. On that note, we bring to you, 5 roles children unwittingly play in a dysfunctional family.


In a dysfunctional family, while some people are occupied with quarrels, and arguments, there is that one child who blends in with the environment and is not noticed. 

They do their best to stay away from the drama they find themselves in, and most times, will even pretend or tell themselves that nothing is going on. This is done primarily for the sake of their own safety, as they would not want to take sides to avoid wrath of the other party.


When these children become adults, they continue with their reclusive lifestyle, doing things that will prevent association with people. They would rather be indoors all day than going out to meet new people. This can cause them to lose connection with their friends and families, as they believe their problems will of away by simply ignoring them.


In the midst of all that drama, there is that one child who gets to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in the house. They get punished for things, even if they are not the guilty party. Sometimes, they end up doing things on purpose, because they know in the end, they will always get punished for it. 

They crave independence and will be more than willing to run away from home when they get the chance.


As adults, these people end up having problems with authority. They will always challenge people who genuinely have a good reason to chastise them. Because of this, they will not hesitate to cause an uprising or overthrow of authority.


In dysfunctional families where the parents are always not available or are too drunk to assume their duties, their will always be one child who will step in and take over as the parent to the other children. 

Let’s not forget that they are children as well, but because of the state they find themselves in, they will assume the role of a mother or father to their younger ones. They will have to become too mature emotionally for their age, as their siblings will effortlessly look up to them for guidance.


Even as adults, these people will still find it hard to stop caring for their loved ones. They may end up becoming too attached to the loved ones, making them look clingy and attached. Because they were forced to grow up too quickly, they will always feel the need for emotional attachment.


This child see opportunity in the discord of the home, and uses it to their advantage. They take their time to find out what is usually the cause of the problem most times, and uses it to their advantage. 

As time goes by, they will trigger an uprising by pitting one member of the family against the other, just to get what they want, or for the fun of it.


In their adult lives, they end up becoming bullies, who will feel better by putting other people down, or causing discord between people. In worse cases, they can grow up to become psychopaths or sociopaths.


In the midst of all the fights and tension, there is still one child that gets adequate love and care from the family. 

They are the only ones who matter, and most times, get favouritism treatment from one or both parents. Such people will never believe that they come from dysfunctional homes, and they will also project those thoughts to others.


Because they are lying to others and themselves, they have a hard time finding true relationships as adults. They do not let people in, and cannot keep or maintain a normal relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Most times, they end up being narcissists because they hide their true nature and intentions.


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