5 Reasons Why You Always End Up Dating The Wrong Person


Most likely, we date the wrong people on purpose and don’t even know it. But when it becomes a regular occurrence, then maybe it’s time you take a moment and check yourself for reasons why it happens this way.

Dating the wrong person can be devastating, not to mention dangerous. And below, are 5 reasons why you may always end up dating the wrong person.


Whether you like it or not, everyone gives off signs when they are in a relationship. It is up to you to pick up those signs and find out whether or not you can live with. When you start dating someone, these signs may be subtle at the beginning, but as time goes on, they become more evident. Now the question is, what are the signs to look out for?

The signs to look out for to determine whether or they are good enough for dating include

  • Their attitude when they are upset. Do they yell at you, fight you, or ignore you? Are they the kind to be reasoned with when they are upset? Will they be willing to accept blame and responsibility when they do something wrong? And finally, will they be willing to apologize?

  • Their attitude towards you. Do they place a value on you? Do their actions really say they love you? Or do they treat you like something they own? How do they talk to you in public? How do they treat you in front of your friends and theirs? 

  • Their attitude towards family. Do they really value the home front? What do they say about their own family?

  • Their attitude towards money. Are they greedy? Do they give freely? Are they able to make good plans and budget when it comes to money management? What are their spending patterns.?

All these and many more are the signs one need to look out for when choosing a partner. If they respond negatively to the major signs, they are most likely wrong for you.


Being in a relationship is all about carrying your own weight. When you are the kind of person who depends heavily on their partner for emotional, psychological, social and even financial support, then you have a high chance of being a magnet for the wrong kind of people. How does this happen?


It goes like this. When you are so drained emotionally that you just want someone to love, you will  find yourself falling for any available person who showers you with the least bit of affection. Making the right choice has to involve time and criteria, but your dependency for emotional support will make you go for anyone you see, whether or not they are right for you.


A lot of people do not have standards when it comes to choosing the right partner. They simply want the person to look a certain way, without often bothering about what’s inside.

Most times, what we see in movies is to blame for the bad decisions we make. But you must know that it is important to actually know what you want before you begin your search.


It won’t just do to want someone who is tall, dark and handsome, or someone who is slender, beautiful and with hazel eyes. There are several people of questionable characters who look that way, and if you are not careful, you could attract such personalities. Your criteria or standards for a partner should go beyond physical looks.


Everyone else you know is getting married and you’re not. So what? This is one of the major reasons why people jump into painful and dangerous relationships that they end up regretting. They do so because they are in a hurry. They feel they do not have much time anymore, so they simply take what comes along. Which is most cases, is a bad choice of a partner.


ou should never let yourself be pressured into making a decision that concerns your happiness. You do not live your life for anybody but yourself, so you must be careful of what you let filter into your mind. If you make yourself believe that you do not have a partner when everyone else is getting married, then you will be forced to make a hasty decision. Which in most cases, is a bad partner.


It’s a wonder they say that love is blind. When you meet someone for the first time and you get attracted, there is a very high chance that you will not be able to see them for who or what they are.

The blindness in this case refers to the deliberate act of ignoring your partners’ flaws and faults. 

When you are in love with someone, all you are concerned about is being happy with them. You do not read the signs you see, you do not take note of the naughty or annoying behaviors they emit. Most times, in cases like this, you will be I love with a wrong choice of partner but because you are blinded by love, you cannot see past your own feelings for them. 

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