6 Rules To Live A Better Life - Powerful Quotes About Life

You are living a good life, but you can be better. How can you then live a better life? It is simply by doing what you are doing now better – in better ways, with better information, with better attitude, with better ……… the list goes on.

Below are 6 tips that will transcend you to a better state of living. Enjoy!  

1. Know Your Competitors.

What you don’t know can bring about your downfall, define your competitor(s) well and be determined to better it. You have only one competitor and that is your ‘last best’ (your last achievement), and no one else or nothing else. Challenge yourself to do better than your last feat; only be in tango with you past deeds, focus more on yourself and keep setting the pace. In no time, you will realise you are becoming what you had love to become.

2. Be Frugal With Money.

Not all money you are to spend; part of it should be saved, invested, before you think of spending the remains. You will do yourself a whole lot of good if you can maintain and sustain this principle that has been used by business giants out there.
This principle has been tested, and trusted since the ages, and it remains valid. Don’t despise.

3. Be Rightly Connected.

Never underestimate what good association can do for you, move with optimists and not otherwise. Wisely search out your support system and stay within the circle. It is not everybody you need, you only need some that will aspire, inspire you to greatness, good health, sound mind, and benefits of men.
Avoid doomsayers, they have nothing to offer than to douse your blazing fire.

4. Be Zealous and Get To Work.

Don’t be short of passion at any time, be ready to launch and pursue your goals with all enthusiasms you’ve got. Sitting idly doesn’t give you a good life, so be a wo-man of actions.
If you go for it, you still stands a chance of getting it regardless of the barriers.  But if you don’t go for it, no chance (at all) to get it.

5. Don’t Bow In The Face Of Failures.

It is so that failures and disappointments will come, however, never bow to them. See them as a learning curve; a stepping stone to do better in another round and opportunity. Never lose your self-esteem and belief.
Life is designed to be faced with challenges and barriers, but you wouldn’t give in. don’t stop gunning- - do not rest on your laurels until you kill your prey after preys. Your belief and fight is a continuous process, do it over and over again, and life will eventually give you what you deserve.

6. Be Intentional With Your Habits.

Be it known to you that there are some habits you must embrace and some you must do without if you want to live a better life. Your better life will come as a result of the positive habits you bundle together, be consistent in cultivating good habits.

There are some habits, really, that are indispensable in living a better life; be more diligent, staying motivated, willingness to know more, etc.

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