6 Ways To Make Him Come For You.


The basic golden rule to endear him to you is ‘Do it like no other!’; touch him like no other, talk to him in a way others will not be able to relate with him. 

These would be your secrets to becoming the dearest of his life.

1. Text him

Be intentional and creative in your message, tell him things he wants to hear- tell him you prepare a surprise for him already, give him hint on what you have in stock for him and he will be restless. Flirt with him with the content of your message and let his adrenaline rush as he anticipates to see you so soon.

2. Be weird with a sensual touch

Give him rare touches- provoke his emotions and feelings. Touch him like no other and he will think about like no other, then he will have goosebumps anytime he thinks about your magical and devilish touch. With this, you are providing him comfort and would always want to relax by your side because you have passwords to his soft and hot spots- it all depends on anyhow you both want it.

3. Be liberal.

Do not be clingy, be free as birds, doing your things in exciting ways, work with your intelligence and charisma. Be bold to call some shots as you make things happen. With this, you are making yourself a worthy partner to him, and he will take note of this as he find many promises in you.

This will guarantee his interest and be more confident about what you can offer. He should not see you as a burden.

4. Have little secrets

Put him on his toes, let him wonder what’s going on with you- though you must only imbibe in noble things lest you abuse your self-esteem. But giving him little interesting details about where you went to; your exciting activities would make him want to hear more. Make him nervous and let him fear if he has rivals.

Values will set in with this and he will always want to hear from you to know what happens with you per time.

5. Create memories.

Memory is almost like a portion of food that people feed on in their hearts, romantic memories that would cause him to put on a smiling face when he is away from you. Create flirty scenes. 

This depends on your level of romance and creativity, however, I won’t leave you without tips:  appear almost nude while knotting his tie, wink at him seductively as you share eye contacts, and many more.

These he can’t wait to relive again, and he would be dying inside to see you and enjoy those moments. 

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