8 Classy Ways To Keep A Guy Interested And Become His Favourite


1. Keep Your Calm.

Do things without anxiety, you will make mistakes you could avoid if you do so. Be yourself, learn how to harness your feelings and emotions to a state where you will not lose your identity. Regardless, you do not have anything to lose, avoid losing yourself with the aim to please someone.

2. Let Him Do The Hardwork.

 Men has always been the predator, running after preys. Don’t take this role away from him, if you do, you have successfully taken his duties and sense of fulfilment away from him. It is true you can’t wait for him to come for you, but all what is required for you is to make yourself available, and show willingness to hear him out in all time, then you will see him coming to do what you secretly desire.

3. Always reveal your strengths.

Beauty is a strength, confidence is a strength, oratory is a strength, and also, fashion-sense is a strength, find out your other strengths. Do all these without suspicion that you are trying to make it up to him, just try to live your life in the best way you like and other things will be in place.

What about seducing-touches? You will need them as well to provoke his emotions.

4. Acknowledge his efforts.

If he has done well and put in great efforts for you in any wise, be verbal with him and let him know he has done well- -be it sacrifices on his part for you, spending, even how he handles you sexually and the passionate kisses deserves praise.

With this, he will know he’s on a good track and you are helping his self-esteem. And a man will always stay close to whoever do this for him.

5. Make use of your brain power.

Make sure you have something to offer intellectually in giving your opinions and proposing ideas. Every man will always acknowledge a woman with the 3Bs- bold, beautiful and brainy, let him know he has someone he can relate with at any length, then you will always hear him talk to you.

6. Give him a little time.

There are several moments you would crave for answers immediately, learn to be patient with this. I tell you, it’s not every time man has answers to everything, on his mind, and many things are rumbling that he is trying to put in order. Some men have fragile ego, you can scare them off if there’s too much pressure or much demand on them.

Give them time to sort some things out, then you will see them in the brackets you had wish to see them.

7. Be interesting.

Be the woman that he always enjoying being with, no boredom, with you he knows he will have a good day, regardless of what befell him before coming around you. Excite him, even when you are in different locations- flirt with him via messages, let him be anxious to hear from you, be humorous and make sure you fits in so well to be called his partner-in-crime. He looks cool on the outside, but no man is actually innocent, in them, there is a beast- if you can turn it on and off (tame) at will, then you will become his favorite.

8. Have a face value.

Don’t be lost in your emotions, do not appear weak- do not let this take humility away from you though. Never be tensed, look relaxed, and don’t always hold back from what you will always do, as a result of trying to please him, look simple but serious and he will see that he has a guaranteed comfort with you. 

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