Beyonce and Jay-Z ‘disrespect the flag’ as they sit during Super Bowl National Anthem


Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted sitting throughout the National Anthem at the Super Bowl – a big no-no in America.

The power couple were at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami with their daughter Blue Ivy, eight, as the San Francisco 49ers took on the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a video posted by TMZ, the Carters can be seen sitting down as Demi Lovato belts out their nation’s anthem.

The Flag Code states that everyone present when the National Anthem is being sung should stand and face the flag, if there is one.

Civilians are expected to stand with their right hand over their heart, while military personnel in uniform and veterans should salute throughout.

Sitting during the National Anthem is seen as disrespecting the flag.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting together a few rows back from the field.

A man, who is thought to be their bodyguard, is said to have stood for the anthem while they remained sitting down next to him.

The video pans around the stadium to show that everyone else is on their feet.

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