Do You Know 18 Most Mind-blowing Facts - (You May Not Have Known This)

An apple can last up to 10 months

It would take 12,00,000 mosquitoes sucking at once to completely drain a human of blood.

There are over 200 dead bodies on Mount Everest.

If it does not break, a glass ball can bounce higher than a rubber ball.

National Geographic estimates the ocean plastic count at 5.25 trillion pieces, with 269,000 tons of it floating on the surface.

A single ant can live up to 29 years.

More than 40% of brain disease can be prevented by playing cognitive games regularly.

90% of the world’s volcanic activity occurs from volcanoes located underwater.

Worldwide, women earn US$18 trillion but spend US$28 trillion

There's a basketball court above the supreme court. It's known as the highest court in the land.

A human’s little finger contributes over 50% of the hand’s strength.

Four sunken nuclear submarines sit at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

The biggest tapeworm found inside a body was 35 meters long.

The highest wave ever surfed was as tall as a 10-story building.

Over 1 billion people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight.

In 42 minutes of free fall you can cover the distance from one pole of Earth to the other.

The world’s largest waterfall is underwater in the ocean.

The heaviest pumpkin ever weighed more than a ton.

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