February Seduction: ‘why You Should Be Wary Of Committing To Love, Now That Valentine Is Yonder’

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Not Rush Into A Relationship During Valentine's Season. Be wary of your love commitment in February, lest you end up loving just for an event. Love should not be seasonal; test your love before confessing it to that person, what if the love fades after the Valentine celebration and jubilation, then you have loved just for a season.

Seducers are coming out enmasse now; they will trick you fall into their hands and eventually take their hands off for your hard landing, they are out to paint for you a look-alike dream relationship you long for. Beware, be wise and don’t do things because your friends are doing it.

1. You might call ‘Lust’ Love.

Personally, do not trust your feelings around this time, unconsciously you might be swept off your feeling with the goose bump of celebrating love day with someone, you don’t want to hang out alone and feel alone, so you might claim to love someone and say ‘yes’ to proposal just to fulfill and satisfy your lust in the name of Love.
Be sure and convicted before you say ‘yes’ or before you propose. You can still have a great Val celebration alone.

2. You might end up doing what you don’t like.

It is natural to appreciate what we just discover more than what we have before the discovery. Don’t be hurry to make mistakes. The goose bump that comes with Valentine Day can birth desperation in you and forfeit the existing relationships in your life.
Also, it can even spoil that relationship you are about venturing into, as a result of being too clingy and desperate to have a hangout ticket in the name of love with that person. 

3. Most of the things you do aren’t real.

You will end up doing what you would not do not usually, ofcourse you will inconvenience yourself- but you don’t care. Tendency to overdo things, to say what you don’t mean is high. As you will be anxious to make your new partner happy, you will do what you think is right, whereas it might not satisfy them. It will be so because you have not taken your time to search the person out- you will give them good treatments, but not the right treatments. Deep down in yourself, you are skeptical of your good actions you are meting out to them, you can never be sure if you are treading on the right path.

4. You might end up a fun, a sample and a scapegoat.

It is possible you are hooking up with someone who is looking for a rebound, the person that is not ready for what you want emotionally; just want to play catch-up with you and have you for the fun of it. Just like you are not convicted of what you are about doing, so is the other person, thus leading to two confused people in a lust/love relationship which has higher chance to end in tragedy.
Come to think of it, the fake love might seems real as a result of your kind gestures towards the person, and what if the person is not genuinely interested in you, but only in your kind gestures? They are two different things, it is your work to spell out the difference(s).

5. You might taint your dream love with this.

Every failed relationship leave something behind (in memories and dark emotions), all these put together stands a good chance to affect your dream relationship even when it arrives. Why? Because you still carry the scars of your past relationships, thus you would not be yourself as you hold back from your original self, thinking the old stories are about repeating themselves. The conflict is still there in you.

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