How To Know If Your Relationship With Someone Is Karmic, Twin Flame Or Soulmate


As beautiful as love is, we all want that one person we get to spend the rest of our lives with. We simply desire our partners to be what we want or what we need at that moment. And sometimes, we should understand that we may not always find such people


A lot of people may not know, but there are three different kinds of relationships we can have with people. They are the karmic, the soul mate and the twin flame. 

While it is not easy to differentiate between these three, they each have their functions and purpose in our lives. Nonetheless, here’s how to find out if your relationship is karmic, soul mate or twin flame.


This is usually the first relationship we get into. And you should know, that a karmic relationship is not meant to last. No matter how hard you try, it just won’t work out. Although some people may end up with their karmic partners, it is not supposed to happen. This is because a karmic relationship has one purpose only, and that is to change you for the better.

How does it do that?

Karmic relationships do not go easy on you. This is mostly because they are meant to make you face those lessons you are running away from. They change your perspective of life, in a positive way. They change you for the better. And once they have done that, it is over.


The soul mate relationship is the next one that comes after karmic relationship. This is the next relationship that one must experience in order to move forward with your life. Soulmate relationship is the kind of relationship that we are used to, the kind that is sweet and full of romance. It is no surprise that most of Soulmate relationships end up in marriage.

Although Soulmate relationships are romance filled, they have their own roles to play in your lives. They equally have their own lessons to teach you. The karmic relationships change your views and perspective of life, but Soulmate relationships force you to face the change you need to experience within yourself. 

These changes you need to face in a Soulmate relationship include your emotional feelings, feelings of self worth, fear amongst others. Soulmate relationships help us realize that we need to work on ourselves to improve our worth and value. We always have a deeper connection with people whom we share a Soulmate relationship with, unlike karmic relationships. Even if marriage comes up from a Soulmate relationship, there is usually no fear of it crashing.


This is the last of the relationships, as well as it being the most fulfilling and satisfying of them all. It is a combination of both karmic and Soulmate, and more additions of other qualities that will further help you to challenge yourself to be better than you once were. Twin soul relationships are one which we share the same soul with the partner. It goes beyond deeper connection because the two souls are one.

According to urban legend, the soul splits into toe physical bodies. This explains why the people who are in twin soul relationships are similar and share the same interests. Often times, when we are in relationships with our twin souls, we are faced with everything we are supposed to be.

Meeting your twin soul partner is unlikely, however it is not impossible. But once you do, it would be something you cannot forget. 

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