How To Raise Spiritually Awakened Children


Have we taken the time to ask why children are seen as spiritual beings? That is because they are born with unique abilities that will only require a spiritual mindset to understand. Children are naturally born spiritual and are seen as the closest beings to heaven. 

Oftentimes, we might discover that children, especially babies can see what we cannot see. This is still attributed to the fact that they are spiritual more than adults.

Even though they are born pure, they can still be corrupted by the actions and activities they are exposed to, hereby taking away that unique ability they were born with. However, they can still be redirected back to their original path with the right upbringing. 

Here are some ways to raise children who are spiritually-minded.


More times than we may bother to notice, we label our children good or bad based on the actions they exhibit at that moment. This is clearly wrong, as they will grow up believing that the two behaviours comes with its own personality. Have you noticed how easy it is for children to pick up bad behaviour and habits? For example, a child broke a vase, and for fear of being called bad or naughty, or even beaten, they lie. This is because they do not wish to be associated with a bad person.

  The right thing to do is to let the child understand there are good behaviours and there are bad ones. But doing something wrong does not make you a bad person. Once you are able to get this across to them, they will come out as more confident individuals who will be more resistant to doing the wrong things.


In some homes, parents tell their children that it is wrong to be angry when upset of offended. This will cause the child to suppress the feeling of anger because they have been told it is wrong. The most appropriate thing to do however, is to let them know that anger, guilt and shame are emotions just like happiness and joy. 

The only difference is that the former is felt when you do something wrong or something is done against you. Teach them to channel their emotions the right way and not negatively. It could be by talking to someone about it, or engaging in something meaningful to feel better. 

They will grow up appreciating their emotions, realising it makes them human and thanking you for it.


The best thing you can give to your child is your time and all the attention they need. When you do this, you will discover that there are times when they make meaningful but strange comments. Such statements may have deeper understanding if you are able to read meaning into them. But all this will only happen when you listen to them.

  No matter how tempted you might be, or how stupid they may sound, do not discard what they say, neither should you laugh at it. If you are more receptive of what they say, they will open up the more to you.

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