How Type A You Really Are?: Visual Personality Test

In the 1950s, the visual personality test theory was introduced by Ray Rosenman and Meyer Friedman. The visual personality test will tell you if you are a type A or a type B.

People whose results show a type A personality are usually more focused and more ambitious. Due to the high amount of stress they subject themselves to, they are mostly victims of mental stress and physical health conditions.

The people who fall under type B on the other hand, are much more easy-going and free. Unlike the type A personality, type B does not like to stress themselves or become too ambitious. Instead, they go with the flow of life, living their life and savouring the present.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the world today fall under the type A personality. But one thing people still do not know is whether or not they are type A or B. Here’s how to find out.

To find out your personality type, take a look at the image below. It may see like just a simple image, but it’s an optical illusion that will help you know which personality you belong from what you see first.

1. How type A you really are From EsB TV


If you were able to see the pillars first, then there is no doubt that you are a type A. You are purpose – driven, ambitious and a go-getter. But you forget that you can loose yourself in your ambition and achievements. 

Even worse, you can lose track of time and before you realize it, you may have lived out the greater part of your life chasing your dreams. You are too attached to your comfort zone, and hardly make the effort to try out new things.

Take a break from time to time, do things you love, loosen up the reigns a bit and don’t forget to have fun.


If the people were the first thing that caught your eye when you saw the picture, then you are not much of a type A. You may have the traits of a type B due to your ability to see the other side of things and life, ie the fun side. 

However, you must not be too forgetful of your purpose in life and try to get back on track as much as you can. Unlike type A, you are better at balancing both sides of life.

Your free spirit is what makes you enjoy life to its fullest. However, in the midst of your open-mindedness, you must also exercise caution and restraint.

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