The 3 Zodiac Signs That Will Benefit Most From Mercury Retrograde Winter 2020 (Feb 17th – March 9th).

Hello dear reader!

We both know that you despise hearing or reading about Mercury in retrograde as a result of many bad influences that will be exerted on you; bankruptcy, emotional stress, work overload, unexpected budgets, health failure, amongst others. It’s alright seeing you thinking like this. 

However, don’t be afraid of the bad energies that do accompany Retrograde Mercury, endeavour to be positive and optimistic now. This Mercury Retrograde Winter 2020 will provide you with revelations and realities your mind is secretly craving for- this will only be if you share ideology in optimism during this Winter break.

Right from February 16th to March 9th, Mercury will retrograde in Pisces. This Mercury Retrograde Winter 2020 has actually come for all zodiac signs, but highlighted 3 zodiac signs below benefit from it more than others, most especially the Fishes. Please, be informed that other zodiac signs have good chances in it as well.

1. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)

Lately, you have been a shadow of yourself- you have lost your fire where it matters and thus, embroiled in boredom. Life is no longer exciting to you but here comes Mercury Retrograde Winter 2020 that would restore your goose-bumps about life. Now you will get in touch with the fireman in you, and every sphere of your life will be affected as a result.
Now, your life will bloom!

2. PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces, you are the most beneficiary of this season as it is already made known that Mercury Retrograde rests in you.
You will be revived and your self-esteem will bubble up, you will be in abreast of your specialities. Now (more than ever), you will be able to acknowledge that your life has so much beautiful colour.
So, welcome to a new beautiful package of your life you never know.   

3. CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Life becomes more meaningful and interesting to you, you had belittled your chances in life, now it’s the time you will start believing that life has good packages for you as well. There are yet treasures untapped in you, and now life will present you with sufficient opportunities to uncover those goodies you have inside life.
Take your chances!

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