TOP PREDICTION FOR EACH ZODIAC SIGNS: Your Daily Horoscope From Monday 10th Feb. 2020 To Wednesday 12th

MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY General Top Daily Predictions:

The Moon from Sagittarius is in close relationship with Capricorn, and stays in Libra.
They are generally good days.

Aries’ Top Prediction:

Stressful energies surround your health: don’t be too far from your physician in this period. Rest well, minimize your ups and downs where necessary and need be. Stressful energies surround your career as well, not without benefits though. 

Taurus’ Top Prediction:

Suspicious energies surround travelling and, academic life. Suspicious energies surround financial life, maximise what you have, and work well. You will be stressed mentally, however it’s a good process you have to undergo. Auspicious energies surround art and related works; social life and other social activities.

Gemini’s Top Prediction:

Stressful energies surround transportation and communication, academic life too. Good and beneficial energies surround your love life. Home and family is surrounded by suspicious energies- be ready to help.

Cancer’s Top Prediction:

Love and social life is surrounded with ‘so-so’ energies, but you tend to dwell more on the good lucks. Your finance will be unsettled a bit, your good health will be tested as well- be extremely careful and observant with your health. 

Leo’s Top Prediction:

You will undergo positive changes in your professional life. Health issues will arise, but you will be healed based on your physician’s instruction. Stressful energies surround travel too.

Virgo’s Top Prediction:

Love and social life are surrounded with good energies, long distance relationship is excluded. Suspicious energies surround finance and money. Work is surrounded with stressful energies, and social life will being pleasant memories. 

Libra’s Top Prediction:

Social life is surrounded with influential and beneficial energies, suspicious energies surround health and emotional life; pay attention to. In your place of work, stress all over, but they come with benefits and rewards. Be positive always in your thoughts as this will help your health and medical life. 

Scorpio’s Top Prediction:

Work and love parts of life mostly receive stress energies, just press on and be determined to make all things beautiful again.

Sagittarius’ Top Prediction:

Stress energies surround money; money needs attention and you must only spend frugally. Mistakes all over (in your decision making, in doing the right things), so be wise and more observant. Supportive and good energies surround home, social and love parts of life.

Capricorn’s Top Prediction:

Stressful energies surround work, business and career; frustration and confusion will set in. Social life is surrounded with beneficial and influential energies, but also with stress.

Aquarius’ Top Prediction:

Home and family will suffer as a result of your commitments in place of work. Work, business and career is so surrounded with stressful energies. Social life is pleasant and active. 

Pisces’ Top Prediction:

Good and pleasant energies surround work, business and career. Stressful and inauspicious energies surround love and social life.

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