TOP PREDICTION FOR EACH ZODIAC SIGNS: Your Daily Horoscope From Thursday 20th Feb. 2020 To Saturday 22nd

THURSDAY TO SATURDAY General Top Daily Predictions:

The Moon squares Mercury in Gemini, and stays in Capricorn.
They are generally good and okay days, Capricorn and Taurus especially.
Other zodiacs have a good and great record as well.

Aries’ Top Prediction:

Pleasant energies surround social and emotional life. Your health need caution and attention. Supportive and beneficial energies surround love life. Conflicting energies surround money and finance. 

Taurus’ Top Prediction:

Powerful energies to break fallow and new grounds surround you, looking for a better job, or to enlarge your network professionally- now is the best time to make it happen. Pleasant energies surround home and family, too.

Gemini’s Top Prediction:

Tough and suspicious energies surround work, business and career; much more demands on you, you will sacrifice more than ever professionally. Good energies surround love and relationship part of life. 

Cancer’s Top Prediction:

Health life is surrounded by beneficial energies, there are solutions to health related challenges in your home and family. Successful operations with profits await you in your place of work, a pleasant atmosphere with home and family.

Leo’s Top Prediction:

Suspicious energies surround travelling; delay, and frustrations all over. Social life becomes better, auspicious and good energies surround professional life.

Virgo’s Top Prediction:

Your social circle of influence is expanded; knowing and interacting with more people, you have a good chance to meet people that will help in running with your goal that your burdens might be lifted. Good and beneficial energies work, business and career.

Libra’s Top Prediction:

Focus more on your emotions, avoid conflicts of whatsoever. In these 3 days, you will break down and give up easily. So protect your emotions, suspicious energies surround social life. So-so energies surround home and family too.

Scorpio’s Top Prediction:

Unpleasant and unsupportive energies surround transportation and long distance movements, expect a curve in home and family, not so big though. Be more lenient in your approach and be cool when at home. Socially, life is beautiful.

Sagittarius’ Top Prediction:

Stressful energies surround work, business and career. Relationships (business and social) turn sour. Good energies surround love, home and family.

Capricorn’s Top Prediction:

These 3 days favour your magical abilities; you dissect information easily. A great energy flow! You have and enjoy peace within. Beautiful days for you socially, professionally, home, family, and financially.

Aquarius’ Top Prediction:

Love life receives good energies, social life promises you god things; the days are good day for you socially. This day could be your most productive day because your creativity and expertise skills are leveled up. Luck is on your side as well. 

Pisces’ Top Prediction:

Auspicious energies surround work, business and career, finance too is supported with this energy. Plan and make good use of this financial blessing that will come on you in these 3 days. 

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