TOP PREDICTION FOR EACH ZODIAC SIGNS: Your Daily Horoscope From Friday, 7th Feb. 2020 To Sunday 9th


FRIDAY TO SUNDAY General Top Predictions:

The Moon from Cancer is in close relationship with Pisces, the Moon in Gemini also form a triangle with Virgo, and stays in Aries.

They are generally good days; though no venture, no gain.

Aries’ Top Prediction:

Your work is surrounded with stressful energies; your income receives more supportive influences than stressful ones. A ‘so-so’ feeling in your place of work (small issues with your boss, colleague, partner, clients), nevertheless, things are not beyond control as thought.

Taurus’ Top Prediction:

Social life is surrounded with both influential and beneficial energies, you shall attain new and better position to get things right.

Your health and emotional life is expected to suffer a little though, paying attention to it would really help though. In your place of work, stress all over, but they come with benefits and rewards.

Gemini’s Top Prediction:

Money receives support and helpful influences. Good and ill energies surround health and love life too. 

Cancer’s Top Prediction:

Work mostly receive stress energies, but it receives many more blessings. Lines will eventually fall into pleasant places where you least expect it. Stressful energies surround your marriage and relationship.

Leo’s Top Prediction:

Health is surrounded with more challenging energies when Mercury is turned into direct motion. A lot of demands are placed on you in your place of work, however, your labor would not be in vain.

Social life is pleasant; catching fun, meeting friends that would eventually become your other half, meeting new people that make good friends and things like that.

Virgo’s Top Prediction:

Stress energies surround money; money needs attention and you must only spend frugally. Also, stressful energies surround travelling, be careful and if you can overrule some of your movements, it will be good.

Regardless, the best part of your life to be enjoyed is Home, Love and Social life; more importantly, the love life. Supportive energies surround home and family.

Libra’s Top Prediction:

Stress energies surround health, finances also, work as well. So avoid careless spending and don’t take on any financial risks- though as it is in your case. Money life receives ‘so-so’ influences (both support and stress). So the choice is yours to make it happen. Challenges lurk around, but if you can do enough, you can avoid some.

Scorpio’s Top Prediction:

Stressful energies surround your emotional life; be wise enough to always keep your feelings in check. Don’t stress yourself, avoid conflicts or arguments that will wear you out. Your love life receives good, beneficial and supportive energies. Good and beneficial energies surround work and money.

Sagittarius’ Top Prediction:

Stress and difficult energies surround work and health; you are expected and advised to meet your medical care professional, to run checks on you. Spend frugally, avoid over-spending, and don’t misplace your priorities.

Capricorn’s Top Prediction:

Good and ill energies surround social life. Your natural abilities are in optimal state- use them for your benefits.

Aquarius’ Top Prediction:

Social life is surrounded with beneficial and pleasant energies. Good and influential energies surround home and family. So-so energies surround money. 

Pisces’ Top Prediction:

Your finance and income receive beneficial energies. Anything related to social – (social life. Social skills) benefit you more than ever and promote your self-esteem.

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