10 Signs That He Is Being Overridden By His Divorce/heartbreak, Despite He Is In A New Relationship


This is for you ladies (women); you will know your man better and be wise enough to know if he is unsettled in your relationship with him. 

Every man has a past he wants to forget, but it is tough to actually let go considering the emotions one has invested in the failed relationships of the past. To some, it is a tough, but short journey in recovery, while some take longer time to recover.

How would you know if your man still hold on to a shadow of his failed (past) relationship? 

10 secrets are stated and explained for you below. Remember that you have to know when your man is suffering from emotional relapse, lest your relationship with him becomes boring.

Read on and know where to come in, that he may gain his emotional momentum if he is still holding on to the shadows of his past relationship(s).

1. He is so close to the environment of his ex

He moves closer to the environment where he knows he can know about her, he is trying not to be far from her. Her environment is her friends and family, if a man check and keep in touch with his ex’s environment, it is a big sign that he is not yet over the failed relationship. If you observe this as his new partner, call him and tell him how you feel affectionately. If he loves you, then he will compromise. 

2. He keeps in touch with his ex

Everything should have limitations and border line now, you don’t have to keep in touch with her (always). A man will only do this when he is hoping for his ex’s comeback. With this, he would not be committed in his new relationship. The man should be more mature and responsible (now that he’s into a new relationship) not to flirt around with daily ‘good morning’ message and others. It is a sign that he still has something for her.

3. He can’t stand the traces of his ex

Seeing the characteristics/attributes of his ex piss him off, because it reminds him of the past. In another case, he might find it interesting comparing you with his ex. This is evident enough that he’s still living in his old relationship. You have to take this seriously, not by raising your voice, but sit him down respectfully and discuss it with him, talk gently and kindly- remember he is hurt.

4. He always has something to say about his past relationship

If most of the time, he refers to his past relationship; comparing the present one to the past –either in the positive sense or otherwise is an expression and demonstration of his past bitter memories. This shows he is still nursing the wound of his past failed relationship(s) in his mind. Help him to heal by comforting him and doing the needful. 

5. He calls her name unconsciously

If he says her name a lot, then he’s still stuck in his old relationship. Know that he is not doing this intentionally, he is even ashamed to pronounce such error as he causes you to sigh as his new partner. Call him, talk to him. listen patiently- you could end up healing him.  

6. He holds a moment of grief

He will be grieved anytime he reflects on how his past relationship failed, extremely moody and boring. If you notice he does this, it is time to talk it out lest you suffer for the misfortunes of the past relationships. This will happen because he was not ready yet for a new relationship, he still has not overcome the trauma of the failed relationship. Discuss this with him, be a good listener and comfort him, he needs to be healed.

7. He tries to send a signal to his ex

Are you thinking how this can be done? It is done when he puts you on social media (I mean your pictures with him as a goal), with jab-related captions ‘a new and better beginning’ ‘the happiest man in the world right now’….. It could be that he is doing this to send effect on his ex. This is also one of the evidences that he has not moved on totally from his regrets.  

8. He still keeps what belongs to her

He is still not accepting the reality yet, if he does this. He is still holding on to his past, cherishing every moments they spent together and still hopeful for a miracle of comeback. It is not healthy to still keep the traces of your ex, it is damaging to your new relationship. Bracelets, photos, things he bought for him should be discarded now for him to be healed indeed.

9. He is On and Off

He lacks consistency, he is active now but he will become passive in next few minutes. At times, you are lost and don’t know what to do because of his inconsistencies. He is also lost in-between his emotions- he is fighting it too. He is still recovering from past relationship nightmares.

10. He lashes out at you

He is aggressive and offensive at you because he thinks you are going to replicate the acts of his ex. He does this because he is afraid of what will become, he has no safety yet in your relationship with him. He still has some crumbles of failed past relationships on his plate. Talk to him and discuss it, give him confidence where need be.

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