10 Useful Psychological Tricks To Outsmart People And Have An Edge When Dealing With Them


1. To hide the truth from someone.

Submit your arguments with a smile on your face, with this you will deceive the person with just little effort. Smile is so efficient in improvising it to earn and gain trust, the person tends to trust you quickly and adapt with you. You can know this quickly when relating to baby and children. 

2.  To win people over.

Peradventure you have to convince someone to be on the same side with you, let your listener be on the seat while you stand when communicating your thoughts. You only have to do little work with this.

3. To know if someone takes interest in you.

You can observe the person you are suspecting when holding a discussion with you, usually, the person would always maintain eye contact with you, with consistent blinking of eyes to back it up. 

4. To be inspired with confidence.

The assumption is a good tonic for you here, assume you are liked by all, this will boost your morale and self-esteem and you will be confident with what you want to do. From the seat of your mind, picture them as your friends, you will flow with them in no time.

5. How to make them do what you want.

Nobody wants to be authorized, instead of doing this, give them options to choose from, let it look that they are in control, but still out of the options, you will give them lies what you want them to do. For example, ask him what time will be convenient for him to do what you want him to do for you.

Every man wants to be in control.

6. How to make your points stand.

Do not refute others’ suggestion, counter it wisely by first okaying theirs. Smartly change your words (your construction) and make use of their languages, even while standing with your suggestion. This will make your opinion looks like theirs- whereas, it is different. So they will give in thinking you are really on the same page.

7. To build trust at first sight.

Acknowledge the person by the name s-he bears, this will establish trust quickly, as the person will start relating with you as if you’ve known one another for long. The person will flow with you accordingly as a friend, and not a stranger. (Good evening Felix)

8. To get information.

You have to share to receive; trade with a secret to get what you want. Come out open with less security information about yourself, the person will have something to share with you too, the person would only come out to you whens-he notice you are equal and of the same feather. Trick him to trust you.

9. To make him/her follow you.

Do well to know the person’s desperate need(s), and let the person know you have it. Gifting has been one of the effective ways to win people over, as you buy others with gift, be wary of the gift as well.

10. To obtain information from someone.

Ask them what you need to know, let them speak without interruption after all, is said, keep mute and look at the person eye to eye, trust me, the person will utter more of what you need to hear.

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