5 Things You Need To Do To Be A Real Man In Life


Being a man goes way beyond having a broad chest and looking different from a woman. To be a man, there are several things you need to have in perspective. Generally, this means you have to develop some qualities and attributes within you to actually earn the term “man”.

Being a man is all about taking charge and responsibility of certain things, and let’s not forget the ego. 

However, there are still some very important qualities that determine whether or not you are a man. Here are about three of them.


Being a man is not all about spending hours in the gym working out. Your development has to be, not just on your body, but on both your mind and your soul. Each of these areas have their importance and role to play. 

The body will help us to be fit and strong, the mind will help you to stay alert and clever, making it easy to tell when to take certain decisions that will be beneficial to you. The soul helps you to be wise and compassionate, and most of all helps you find peace.

Developing these areas will help you make good use of your abilities and become the best version of yourself.


A real man knows he is flawed and weak, knowing all these will help you know the points that need to be worked on. Some people have this twisted notion that men are not supposed to show emotions because it makes them look weak. 

Who says men should not show emotions, they are human after all. On the contrary, embracing your weakness as a man is what makes you stronger.


Yes to some degree, men are supposed to maintain composure when they feel pain, but they are allowed to feel pain too. Owning up to your weakness is your own way of defeating them.



In order to be a better man, you must learn to be resilient. Being resilient means bouncing back when you’re down. 

To understand this notion, you must first of all be aware that it is sometimes ok to fail. It does not mean you will end up being a failure all your life, it will only teach you to be better. 

When you have been knocked down by life, don’t stay down. Get back on your feet and try harder again. Keep going until you get it.

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