6 Ways People Avoid Their True Feelings Which Does Them More Harm Than Not


People do not understand those negative emotions, as much as the positive emotions are part of our everyday life. Being a part of our lives means that we have to look for ways to deal with them. 

Some people would rather suppress their negative emotions or avoid altogether. They avoid their feelings in various ways, and they end up doing more harm than good. 

Here are six ways people avoid their feelings which end up being more harmful to them than beneficial.


Most if not all bullies are people who are going through one problem or the other. They do not feel so good about themselves, and they take care of their own feelings by inflicting pain on others. 

They do not necessarily have to use force, they could be bullies by their choice of words, their actions, or they can even do it online. The endpoint is the same, the negative feelings they feel is ignored.


There are two types of criticism: constructive and destructive. Constructive criticism is meant to correct you and set you on the right path. It will make you see the error of what you have done and helped you take correction. 

Destructive criticism is done to hurt you deliberately. Someone who is worried about something or battling with some kind of emotion will easily practice destructive criticism, believing they are actually correcting you. They transfer the pain they feel onto someone else.


Sometimes, people who are hurt or going through pain may decide to keep them bottled up inside them and pretend they are not there. This is called denial, and it is actually more harmful than you may think. 

The person affected may end up feeling numb, but at a point, all those repressed and bottled up emotions may erupt at a very inconvenient time.


It is normal to feel hurt or sad or disappointed sometimes, it simply means you are human and that you are capable of emotions. The best thing to do is usually to look for positive ways to channel such energies away from yourself so you will fell better. 

Some people, however, will take it out on themselves by doing things that will o KY hurt themselves. Those things include inflicting injury on one’s self, consuming poisonous substances, starving one’s self, etc. If not controlled, they can lead to serious problems and even death.


People who are more likely to withdraw from others including their families are also like to be depressed or suicidal. 

When they are overcome with negative emotions, they believe that no one will understand them or help them, hence the withdraw from every activity they once found joy in. When this happens, they slip into intense loneliness, setting the pace for depression or destructive behaviours.


For some groups of people, substance abuse is the only way they can find relief from their troubles. It could be alcohol, Marijuana, drugs, etc

When they begin to experiment with these substances, they may find temporary relief, but in the end, addiction sets in, creating more problems than it was meant to erase. 

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