9 Things That Haunt You At Old Age And How To Avoid Them Earlier


Your latter life is a sum total of your PAST life and PRESENT life- How are you living it?

This article helps you to get your life an insurance that will keep you afloat forever.


1. The Bad Marriage You Chose

When calling the shot of marriage, one has to be very careful, wise and prioritise well. Marry with good reasons, for yourself- and not for the sake of others. Marry your best friend, getting it wrong in marriage is an embargo that will be for you forever. 

What are your reasons for going for that person- consider this and think it thoroughly. You will live to regret for the end of your lifetime if you miss it here, many avoidable marital crises become unavoidable, tension, lack of peace that may affect your relationship with your children, and much more.

While encountering this, you will look back, and wish you had make a better choice and be patient when you had the chance.

2. The Opportunities You Lost

The opportunities you passed up- you failed to make good use of them, believe me when I tell you they are coming back to haunt you as you live to regret it. As a result of your nonchalance, laziness, fear. Do your best now and explore them maximally, do not cut off your chances. 

Those opportunities come for reasons. Be willing to take on your opportunities. At old age, you will wish you had taken your chances while you can.

Time is also an opportunity- you cannot relive it, the time you wasted giving excuses, going after what does not matter, the wasted time in wrong company (relationships). How I wish you really know the meaning of ‘time is nobody’s friend’. How I wish you really know that ‘time waits for no one’, indeed.

Wasted Opportunities and time will come back to haunt you, when you have limited time left (now that you are old).

3. The Relationships You Take For Granted

Honor your relationships with people, don’t be too casual with anything. To some, we give no regards for relationship, we abuse and exploit people for our gains. We use them, betray them and always think you can never need the relationship again, I tell you, and you will live to regret it. Cherish every moment in that relationship now, lest you will learn your lesson at old age.

What about your marriage relationship with your home you destroyed? You delighted in extra-marital affairs at the expense of your satisfaction, you broke the marriage vows, and brought pain and agony on your spouse and children. They suffered for your selfish interest. It will soon dawn on you what a big grave you’ve successfully dug for yourself at your old age.

Even parent-child relationship, honor your parent, try to be on good pages with them, show them love, lest you end up wishing you have done this or that for them.

4. The Child You Forsook

The fetus and the borne child is your legacy that would live on even after your demise, yet you delight to abandon and abort your future legacy because of a temporal comfort. 

Yes! You are issues you are battling with and you are ashamed of your present situation, but aborting or abandoning that child is not a good option for you. It is not the end of the world if you are a single mother and father. 

Please be more responsible for your actions to guarantee yourself a peaceful old age.

This is my plea!

5. The God You Ignored

You will find many reasons to boycott God now that you are full of vigor, little do you know that you will soon know why you have to be close with Him as you advances in age.

You had better sit right now, while He is near.

6. The Unhealthy Habits You Enjoy

Taking hard drugs to ease your pain is never an option, messing your body all around to ease your situation is not the best thing for you to do, what you drink and eat will soon come back and haunt you as you grow older.

In few years to come, you will wish you have avoided all these things when you are down on that bed regretting how immoral you were, you will regret your actions when you start facing its consequences.

7. The Dreams and Talents You Buried

You are not the only one that have enough reasons to bury your dream, you must know that there are people as well who have more than enough reasons to let go of their talents and dreams, yet they never bury them as they stick to their game plans. Y

ou will get to know this at your old age when you are reading the biography of other successful people who suffered the same fate like you, then you will wish to have done more to nurture your dreams and talents to realities.

Why not go for the course, career, professional field you love? Go for it against all odds, lest tears roll out of your cheeks at your old age in self-pity.

8. The Reputation You Tarnished

Do you know that your name is worth much more than rubies? At the mention of your name, what does it echo? What can people say about you? You have to think this very much and make your choice, lest at old age, you look back and see how you have defiled and dishonored your name, just because of…….

9. The Storage Tank You Lack

You are well to do now, and you make good money, but how are you spending your money; living prodigally? Someone would say it’s my riches, I worked hard for it, so no one has the right to tell me how to spend my hard-earned money. I heard you, but sooner or later, you would come to know how you could have been wiser with your resources.

It could be at your old age when it dawn on you that you failed to secure your financial life.

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