9 Types Of Toxic People You Should Leave Without Feeling Hurt Or Guilty


Being around toxic people can be detrimental to you in various areas of your life. Sadly, very few people know this, and a greater number of people don’t. Toxic people, like toxic substances, can poison you, and with continuous usage, can even kill you. 

As much as it is important to learn to relate with people, there are some types of toxic people you should not waste your time with. It will never come out positive in the end.

Below are some types of toxic people who you should not feel bad for staying away from.


Envy is one of the deadly sins mentioned in the Bible, and for good reason. People who are envious will never be satisfied with what they have. To them, there will always be someone who is doing better than they are, someone who is more handsome or beautiful, someone who is well paid etc. 

Although, if we choose to think about it there will always be someone better off than you. However, we are not supposed to measure ourselves by the efforts or achievements of others, and that is what the envious people do. If you continue to spend time with people who are constantly wrestling with envy, very soon you will turn out just like them.


There are people who have a twisted idea of being happy. To this group of people, their happiness comes from the sadness or pain of others. People like this are not hard to spot, so it will be very easy to know them by what they say or want. 

Their intentions are clear, they want to cause people pain just so they can feel better. If you stick around for much longer with them, you might just be their next victim.


This is one of the most dangerous people on earth. The manipulators are very good narcissists because you would never be able to tell what they really are. They come off as sweet and nice, but deep down, they are simply using you to get what they want. 

All they do is take, take and take from you, without giving anything back. Even worse, they will make you do questionable things to satisfy their needs and desires.


Certain people have no control over their emotions, and they tend to lash out at people often. They may not see themselves as toxic, because they will defend themselves and their actions with what the other person has done. 

But deep down, if you are truly being honest with yourself, you will know that you can very well be their next victim of emotional outburst. It is only a matter of time before they lash out at you too, and end up blaming you for it.


There are people who will never see the good things you do, no matter how hard you try. They easily find fault in things concerning you, even when there is nothing faulty about you. 

They do this to constantly bring you down and make you feel worthless just so they can step in and make it look like they care when they really don’t. No matter how hard you try, you can never please them, so stay away from them.


There are people who unconsciously suck life, happiness and energy out of a place once they step in. They do the same to people who come in contact with them. When you spend time with them, you end up feeling drained of all positive thoughts and emotions, leaving you feeling depressed or sad. Such people are called dementors, and you should stay away from them as far as possible.


These class of people believe that the world revolves around them and only them. Everyone else is second to them alone. They take so much pride in the person or ability that they begin to see others as inferior to them. If you spend time with these people, you will not be able to gain anything positive but criticism and feelings of worthlessness.


Certain people make it their job to discuss other people’s lifestyle and choices. They are always engrossed in people’s lives and what they did or did not do wrong. When you associate with people like this, it will not only tarnish your image and reputation but it will also make you a potential target of their talks.

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