How To Become A Healer And A Pain Absorbing Empath


Being an empath goes beyond just being able to feel other people’s emotions and pain. There is a reason why you feel that way. 

The reason is just so that you will help those affected to come out of such feelings. In simpler terms, you are a healer. But in the course of trying to help those in pain, you can end up taking it all in, and putting yourself at risk. 

The important thing to do, is to protect your self and your energy as an empath, and become more effective as a healer so that you will not just end up being a dumping ground for other people’s negative emotions.

Here are 5 ways to use your empathic abilities to heal, and at the same time, protect your energy.


For doctors to be proficient in treating people’s diseases, they must have undergone training in med school. But most importantly, they know within themselves that they are capable of doing it. The same thing should go to empaths. Before you make an effort to help someone in pain, first of all, believe that you can do it. You cannot help someone get over feelings of pain if you are not sure of your own abilities. You are not like everyone else, that is for certain. And you should use that to your advantage. Prepare your mind that you are set out for this, and believe in your self that you can. Have confidence in your ability, and you will be able to help others feel better.


Nothing in this life is permanent. From life, we live to the things we have or feel. One day, it will all come to an end. The person who understands that will have no problem letting go of certain situations or feelings. As an empath, you must learn to let go of everything, both good and bad. Try not to withhold anything when you are meant or be free. 

If you have a problem letting go of things, people or emotions, you will not be able to help anyone, talk more of yourself. For you to heal people with your empathic abilities, you will have to take away those pain they feel. You are basically transferring your own positive energy to them to make them feel better. In the end, you are meant to channel those painful thoughts away from your own mind and body. This is why the skill of letting go is important.


Even in the face of trouble, try your best to remain calm. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the emotions of people around you, or even your own. You will be able to help others when there is peace within you.


It is not every time that people want to vent out their anger or frustrations. Sometimes they only want someone to listen to them. They will end up feeling better afterwards, even without getting advice from anyone. As an empath, you must learn to be able to tell the difference between someone who is naturally bitter, and someone who just wants relief. 

Also, you must never face a situation with negative thoughts. Always see the positive side to every problem. It will help you discover what the true problem might be, and also ways to proffer solutions.


The positivity does not only have to come from you, but the other person also has to be involved. You both have a common goal, and that is to get rid of the problem that causes such pain. Let them know that they are the best, encourage them to see themselves as positive people and not just people who are sad or depressed. 

Show them that they can be better and stronger than those negative things and pain they feel. And you will see them coming out strong, even without your help. 

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