How To Not Get Fooled By A Charming And Seductive Narcissist


Falling for a narcissist is as easy as you can imagine. They make it so easy for people to relate with them, placing you in a position where you bare all information about yourself to them. 

Unlike most people, narcissist possesses a magnified degree of charm and poise that makes it easier for people to fall for their charms. It is not usually easy to note these traits until they have already been reeled in.

 Here are some basic tips on how to avoid being fooled by the narcissist.


Narcissists derive great joy and satisfaction when they are above someone else in every area. They will always have this edge and control over you. They only get the chance to do so when you have confided in them, everything they need to know to keep you in check. 

When you do this, they will endeavour to Bend you to their will and make you hunger for their approval. To avoid this altogether, be careful of the way you relate information about yourself to people you don’t really know, even if they seem to care so much about you.


Narcissist do things for their own benefit and satisfaction. You can never really get along with them if you do not do the things they want you to do. 

There is a way you can get around this situation, and beat the narcissist at their own game. For instance, let’s assume you want to get something out of them, do not bring the request upfront by telling them exactly what it is you need. 

Approach them by making them see that they really need that thins just as much as you do, even more. When you are able to do this, they will not hesitate to grant that request, with the belief that they are doing it for themselves.


Most people require emotional support and sympathy, and this is why they easily fall prey to the false stability that the narcissist will supply. When you are so eager to find someone who will shower you with lots of attention and love, you make yourself sitting duck for the narcissist. 

When they provide you with what you need, you will find yourself trapped and unable to leave no matter how you try. 

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