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Meghan Markle's ex says British tabloids offered him $70K to lie about their sex life

Meghan Markle's ex has said that the British tabloid offered him $70K to lie about his and Meghan's sex life.

Simon Rex dated Meghan Markle in 2004 when she was 22 and when the British media found out, they offered allegedly him money to exaggerate their relationship to paint Meghan in a bad light. 

The one time MTV veejay made this revelation on this week's Hollywood Raw podcast.

At the time they dated, Meghan was an upcoming actress with day parts in soap operas while Simon's career was going well. He was acting in the Scary Movie franchise and was on the verge of starting his time as rapper Dirt Nasty.

However, at the start of his career in Hollywood, he did some solo porn scenes, mostly aimed at gay audiences, Perez Hilton reports. Simon said it was this early part of his career that the tabloids were interested in tagging Meghan Markle to, so as to make her look unfit to join the Royal family. 

Simon claims he was approached by just about every media outlet in 2018, looking for a scoop about his time with Meghan. But he told them there is nothing to tell as their relationship was brief and they never even had sex.

He told The Sun that they kissed after dinner, but she never went on a second date with him. He joked it was his breath after the “garlic noodles” that turned her off.

However, Simon said this was not enough for the tabloids and one tabloid, which he wouldn't name, offered him $70,000 to straight up lie and say they had sex, just so they could put out a more salacious headline that Meghan had sex with a former pornstar.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have complained about how badly the media has treated Meghan and how they publish stories that paint her in a bad light. The couple have had to sue multiple UK tabloids as a result.

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