Rita Ora’s ex-boyfriend tests positive for coronavirus


Ozzy Osbourne’s producer Andrew Watt has confirmed he’s been diagnosed with coronavirus after being told by a doctor there was ‘no way’ he could have Covid-19.

Andrew, who is an ex-boyfriend of singer Rita Ora, shared the news with his Instagram followers on Tuesday and explained how he began to feel unwell almost two weeks ago on 6 March. ‘I started feeling like I was hit by a bus. I couldn’t move out of my bed for days and started to run a fever,’

Andrew wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. The 29-year-old continued: ‘I was seen by a doctor who told him there was ‘no way’ he could have contracted Covid-19 as he did not travel abroad and only went from the recording studio to his house.

Andrew informed all his friends and those who had close contact with him and said ‘none of them even had a sniffle’.

‘I was turned down for the test because of federal regulations. I begged and pleaded to be evaluated and finally was given a chest x ray…. The results of which were Viral Pneumonia… but still… No Test [sic],’ he revealed.

Andrew later explained how his fevers have ‘gotten much better’ and his appetite is gradually returning, but he’s still struggling to breathe. The musician said he is currently ‘chugging gatorade’ and using an oxygen machine to ‘give [his] lungs as much relief as possible’.

He’s vowed to fight the virus and ‘make a full recovery’ noting his young age, but recognises there are many others whose struggle is more challenging due to age and a ‘compromised immune system’.

Many of Andrew’s celebrity friends passed on their well wishes, with Katy Perry – who was recently in quarantine in Australia – commenting:

‘You got this Andrew! Love you and gonna pray for you.’

Rapper Cardi B replied to the post: ‘Hope you get better .Yes ! You are so vibrant and full of life I know you can do it !’

Model Hailey Bieber wrote: ‘Love you Andyyyyyy,’ while singer Normani posted a prayer emoji.

Sofia Richie added: ‘Thank you so much for sharing what your going through! Sending you so much love!.’

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