Which Magical Chalice Would You Drink From: See Who You Really Are and what Your Spirit Thirsts for


Magical fantasies are pleasing to the mind. Especially when it holds the promise of a secret gift for bearer. But how would you know the gifts you possess, or the abilities that are embedded inside of you. 

Below are different magical chalices that signify different talents, gifts and hidden potential. If you were to choose, which would it be? 

Make your pick and find out who you truly are.


If this chalice was your choice, then you have the gift of healing. This healing can be both physical and empathic. In other words, you also possess the empathic abilities to take away people’s pain and grief. You have the power and ability to heal every disease you may come across. Channel into that power and you will flourish.


If you have picked this chalice, then you have the gift of bringing order where there is chaos. This chalice that has been decorated with hieroglyphs, is of Egyptian origin. With this gift, you are able to understand any spell or enchantment you may come across. It does not really matter how complicated it may be, the only difference is that it may take you longer time than usual. But in the end, you will be able to unlock its secret.


This chalice is represented by three points or pillars that are connected at the base. If you picked this chalice, then it means you have the unique gift of being closer to God. The three points or pillars stands to represent the trinity, and at the base where they are conjoined, is the part where you hold onto. This signifies the bond that exists between the divine and the human, one that can properly be understood by you.


This chalice has been decorated and inscribed with the colors and symbols of the elements. The one who chooses this chalice is bestowed the ability to understand the four elements and be one with them. This will be easier for you when you begin with the element you feel most connected to, then you can proceed with the rest of them. In time, you will be able to understand the magic associated with each element and unlock their mysteries.


This chalice is a sacred chalice, much like all the others. However, its bearer has the ability to see things that no one else sees. The gift of being a medium is one of a messenger. You will be able to act as a bridge to both the human and the spirits, and interpret messages between the two worlds. But then again, you may already known this.


Like the symbol of a double helix on the chalice signifying the bond between you and mother earth, you have the unique ability to connect and interact with nature. You will be able to channel the peace and tranquility of nature and use it for miracles. There are secrets to the power of nature, and only you can reach out to understand and unlock it. Deepen your connection to nature to unlock this virtue. 

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