10 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When You Are On The Wrong Path

In life, we maybe pushed to make certain decisions we should not have, for one reason or another. 

But we must understand that we were always meant to do something or be something. However, when we stray from that purpose, the universe can send us signals that we are on the wrong path. 

Here are 10 of those signs we can experience.


Even before you take that step or make that decision that will not benefit you, you will have the feeling that it is going to go south. That first feeling that tells you it may not go exactly as planed is the universe sending you a warning that you are on the wrong path.


Have you been sick more often lately, especially if you are not the type to easily fall sick? If yes, it could be an indication that you are doing something wrong. Although stress can make you fall sick, but that may not be the case. Retrace your steps and try something new.


Yes you might feel this way when you are trying something new for the first time, but this feeling also comes when you are doing something wrong. Perhaps you’re not doing it for the first time, but you discover that each time you do it, you’re not so sure of yourself. If that is the case, then try doing something else entirely different. Read page 2 for the full article


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