3 Ways To Apply Instructional Models In Your Home

Instructional models basically help you to do the right things right, it represents the broadest level of instructional practices and present a philosophical orientation to instruction. Instructional models are used to select and structure teaching strategies, methods, skills, and activities for a particular instructional emphasis. 

We have 5 identified instructional models, including Direct, Indirect, Independent, Experiential, and Interactive Learning

So, of the 5 instructional models identified above, 2 of them are most suitable to employ in applying instructional models in your home, and they are:

1. Interactive Learning

This will be achieved by the involvements of the dwellers in your home, the instructional models will be applied in your home by relying heavily on discussion and sharing among participants, this provides you with opportunities to “react to the ideas, experience, insight, and knowledge of the participants, and to generate alternative ways of thinking and feeling.” 

This will help you to learn from the participants to develop social skills and abilities, to organize your thoughts, and to develop rational arguments. Read the full article on page 2


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