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4 Compliments That Are A Totally Turn Off For An Introvert

There are compliments that we love to hear. Those that lift our spirits and make us feel appreciated, loved and special. On the same note, there are also compliments we do not accept or like. Those are the compliments that crush our spirits and make us feel worthless or useless.

Introverts, like every other person, love being complimented, even though they may not show it. Before you make a compliment that no one would like to hear, it would be wise to be sure of what you mean and not give unstable impressions.

When dealing with an introvert, be careful of the things you say to them. You may feel they are just random or normal words, but to them, it means a lot more.

Here are compliments that turn an introvert off or make them sad.


It’s enough to know that they do not relate so well with people at first, but throwing it in their faces and expecting them to be cool about it is not a good thing. First of all, they are quiet because they are more observant than extroverts. 

Being quiet does not make them weird or rude as some people might think. It’s just how they are. Maybe they are quiet because they are not so comfortable at the moment. With time, they will be more open to you. Instead of calling them out on their quiet attitude, make them feel at home. You might expect them to take it lightly, but in fact, it actually makes them feel sad.

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